Manuka honey

Manuka honey

Hello everyone

Hope all are doing well in this winter try to stay warm enough. I need some advice please in mankua honey I was told honey helps you clear your bad stuff in your lungs but guy works there said it kills all the bacteria inside you i wanted to know is it safe to take it as we need some bacteria inside us I have astma copd stage 3 broncechtisis emphysema I'm on oxygen nebulizer and bipeb machine everyday can someone help me out please I will contact my consultant or see him in 28th.

Thanks a lot take care 🙏 everyone

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It will not kill all bacteria as stated.

Beware of fake products.

It’s quite expensive you need at least +10 to be beneficial.

You can make teas, honey, lemon and ginger is one recipe.

I have just started my daily half teaspoon morning and night which I will use over winter.

Hello Thanks for getting back I bought it from Holland and Barratt it's 24 max strength is it OK that strength I never took it first time can you help me out by saying hiw much I should take I'm 37 years old I don't have a idea about honey Thanks for helping


The higher the number the more beneficial.

Usage is by personal choice it is sweet.

You can take same as me half teaspoon twice daily! Or one teaspoon twice daily.

Add one or two teaspoons to your morning cereal.

Add same to herbal tea, which will help with mucus removal.

The honey lemon juice and ginger is good decongestant.

Thanks for the advise would you know does oxygen puts on weight rapidly it's I was 55kg know I'm 91kg in 1year I don't even eat that much one meal a day still blotting


If you mean oxygen users, I would say no.

Such a rapid weight increase should be investigated by your GP, they may be underlying medical causes.

Hello will book appointment with consultant thanks for the advise

Same here but it's not the oxygen it's just with this illness we don't move so much as a fit person. Also some of the inhalers have steroids in them we just don't burn the calories like we did

Are u less active then u were a year ago? Get up.

Yes I suppose you can put it that way but I try so much don't have the enough energy time to time it's all hiw you maintain it you health be better if not you will fall ill by chest infection etc

Hi Foxy, good advice from Stone. Nice photo too. Hope the honey helps. Best wishes xxx

Thanks for the support

Thanks for the support

Hi, when I was really poorly I'd use high strength 25 then I'd have 15 for every day. I'd put it on toast in the morning and straight off a coffee spoon in the evening. I'm positive it helped. Now I'm loads better so I use local honey instead. That's honey made by bees from plants near me.

I don't put honey in hot drinks as I'm afraid the high heat will destroy the good properties. Good luck to you. P


There is only 24 strength I was told I got that and I use to use the cheaper honey till I heard about this Manuka money isn't a issue to me health is if it does the job good or back to normal ones thanks for the support take care

I buy raw honey from The Raw honey Shop online, chech it out. there are many fake honeys out there, raw can be expensive but so is buying fake if its useless!

good luck.

I prefer to use local honey as well as being more ecanomical it is full of good bacteria and local pollens so will help stave off any allergies you may have to local pollens (hayfever) support your local beekeeper 🐝

Thanks for your reply and I have been using normal honey bit I have so many illness that I have been told this is more stronger and better for me as I bought 24 strength and £32 a small Jar but 2nd one was £1 from Holland and Barratt thanks again for your support carriena


I believe that locally sourced Honey as we buy here in Devon is just a good and half the price of manuka Honey.

Support local ... period! I agree local honey is best. Besides you are paying for the cost of shipping, big time!

There is 'good' bacteria and 'bad' bacteria. We could all do with the 'bad' bacteria being eliminated. I would guess the honey will kill the 'bad' bacteria but I really don't know. I don't like honey, it is too sweet for my taste so I don't use it.

Hello carras

IA know it's sweet but one tea spoon would be great help I see it that way even I don't like it myself

Try adding it to plain yohgurt and fresh fruit for a tasty dessert.

Hello Foxy, There was a television series a while back called 'Trust me I'm a Doctor'. One programme was about Manuka honey and it was compared to cheaper brands. The results showed no proven health benefits. Tastes nice though.


Hi,iv'e always understood that anything less than 15+ was ineffectual. There are studies around that say it fights infection and promotes healing. I think something that's been used by indigenous peoples for centuries isn't likely to do you harm. Good luck.

Hello shineonlovely

I hate it when you can't put your name in as on setting profile someone else already took that name etc many thanks for the support and replying back thanks

You may also want to invest in probiotics. When we take antibiotics that DOES kill most of the good bacteria in our gut. It is very important to replenish it! Good sources are:

Homemade sauerkraut (easy to make. I can give you a recipe)


Kombucha tea

again all these are very easy and safe to make.

Hi Lindy-loo 1949 ... I'd like the recipe for homemade sauerkraut please!

Hello who is this lindy or milko as lindy said she will text me the recipe of sauerkraut thanks

Not really understanding what you were asking here is a link that is an amazing link because you can just learn everything from this woman about making sauerkraut

Please let me know how it turns out Lindy-loo

Everything I have learned I've learned from Holly. She explains it so well and so easy

Please let me know if you need further help!😊 Linda

Hello lindy

Thanks for the recepie will ask if I need anything and as for the honey Manuka honey will have a tea spoon a day thanks


M.o.m. heres a link to Holly's website. Easy way to do it!

If you need help please let me know! Lindy-loo

Hi I take a spoonful every day and doesn’t do me any harm the higher +you take the better, as you know the higher you go the more expensive, if you feel ok 👌 then take it, you know if it’s not doing you any good. Good luck 😉


Many thanks for the support and replying back thanks

Dicky how can probiotics not do us any good? Just don't make the mistake when starting out to take a lot... Then you won't feel very good you'll be on the toilet 90% of the time hahaha

All honey is beneficial, beware of pushy marketing same as with any product associated with health.

Hello Ruach

Many thanks for the support and replying back thanks

Hi. It is apparently important to look for the letters UMF before the numbers (for unique m----- factor-can't remember middle word). Manuka is produced in a small area of New Zealand . Genuine suppliers have to get a license which certifies that the honey has been tested and has a credible % of the UMF - the stuff that is beneficial.You can google the list of companies that have the UMF license. Genuine UMF manuka honey is expensive .Not surprisingly, there are products named 'mauka honey' -but no UMF. Look for at least 'UMF 10' - the least therapeutic value. Amazon sometimes has good deals. Hope this makes sense.

Hello Rebecca

Many thanks for the support and replying back thanks a lot for the advice means a lot foxy

This link is worth reading to the summary at the bottom and then make a decision as to whether to take it and in what quantity.

Hello jhonem

Many thanks for the support and replying back thanks for the link as well

Yeah lots of good advice there, but MOST Manuka Honey is fake, and even the real stuff won't necessarily cure you. It has antibacterial properties like many other substances, but there is more to good health than simply killing certain strains of bacteria. I don't want to put you off but I also don't want you to waste too much money on something that might not give you the benefits you are hoping for. Maybe try it for 3 months then re-evaluate it.

Good luck Foxy I am trying Manuka honey at the moment to see how it goes. I take a spoonful a day it can't do any harm. Majt 😊 👍

Hello Majt

Thanks for the support and replying back I'm trying from tomo to start with it take care foxy

I have nothing to add re taking it internally so bow to other's expertise, externally however I would just like to add that I have a wound on my leg at present which is being treated by the district nurses with a manuka honey dressing which they say has antibiotic and healing properties so interesting.

Hello undine

Can you tell me as in text nurse puts Manuka honey direct on your leg or pastes on your bandge and then on your leg

Hey there, I read about Manuka honey myself and how it helps people with COPD who take a tablespoon a day with a little bit of cinnamon never have another exacerbation again! I was in the throes of an exacerbation at the beginning of July 2017 when I started the honey, I tried several different kinds and finally settled on 16+, I get it on subscription from Amazon at half the price now and I have not had one sick day since - I am a believer!!

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