Cracking cough, blocked ears

Hi people, I'm new and could do with some friendly advice. I'm emma from Leeds and I'm 32

On the 15th October I started with a cold the usual sniff sniff cough cough that turned into blocked ears so I used ear drops, nothing worked, I couldn't hear out my ears, pretty bad in the left, making people n myself go mad repeating ourselves. I started barking with the cough and it seemed to be getting worse, I wasn't bringing anything up, so I gave up and called in sick at work and went to the doctors 30th October, she gave me a blue inhaler to take 4 puffs a day and I had no wax in my ears, it seems to me fluid behind the ear drum so she advises to take sudafed congestion tablets, 4 a day and if I get worse to come back. The next day I went to work, lasted 3 hrs and had to come home, I was Coughing more and wheezing. Now I hear crackling and popping sounds when I lay down. It's so strange. My ears are still blocked. It's 3:35am Im supposed to be getting up at 5am for work I a warehouse, I think I best rest.. Any clue to what's wrong with me

I do smoke but like 5 a day.

Thank you in advance

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A good congestion I think back to the doctor’s for stronger meds..sorry but you need rest and hot drinks, lemon juice and honey if you can take it in the meantime. Take care and let us know how you are doing x

Yes that's what my partner has said, I just don't like taking time off.

Any idea of what the doc will prescribe?

Costs alot these days :)

Tell your GP time and money are an issue and you can’t keep on going to the chemist’s you need to get it sorted.

Thanks hun :)

Hello Mo0o .

It seems like a rather long time to have a cold. I'm sorry its been so difficult for you. And working in a warehouse I'd imagine its pretty cold in there.

Getting lots of sleep, and eating well helps a lot but if things persist the way they are I'd suggest going back to the doctor's . Not being judgemental or anything but perhaps the smoking is not helping the healing process much.

I do hope things get sorted. Keep us updated. Get well soon.

Cas xx 💐🍵

Hi caspiana

It's fine don't worry I'm going to behave and try not to smoke today. God help me lol

Yes it's been a long time that's developed from a sniff to a cracking chest.

I'm going to see if I can get in the

Doctors either tomorrow or Friday


why not try an inhalation? just an idea. get some Menthol crystals or Eucalyptus oil from chemist, put a little in bottom of bowl , pour hot water over them and place your face near enough to inhale the warm fumes. also put a towel over your head and bowl to get the benefit of the inhalation. It is a very old fashioned remedy, but it worked for me. works on the same principal as a face steamer which you can use for face cleansing. do not leave the cough too long. Go back to the Dr.s. good luck. cheers.

Thanks for your advice :)

Could be sinusitis but you really should see the doctor, and take a few days off work to recover. Your employer won't love you any more if you make yourself long term ill! I hope you feel better soon. Btw always worth talking to the pharmacist xx

That's very true. Hope to see GP today x

Have you tried Fishermans Friends? THey help me when I cough and feel blocked up. Been popular for years. Hot drinks, lemon or blackcurrant with honey is comforting. Take some time off work and please this is a good time for you to become a non smoker. Spend the money you save on cigs on meds. Keep warm, soups are good. Forgive me if I sound like your granny, I am 83. Youth is on your side. Love Iris x

Aww thank you for ur kind words. Yes I'm going to put the Cigs down and get into the docs think I need antibiotics xx

I know this may sound daft, another old trick, have you tried holding your nose then with your mouth shut blow down your nose, it might help with your blocked ears. Let me know whether it works or not. xx

If you don't want to run the risk of ending up on a site like this because of permanent lung damage then you need to stop the fags now. Most of us are ex smokers. I hope you feel better soon. xx

Just got back from Leeds General infirmary Ive Been seen by GP and nurse, they said I'm all blocked n throat swollen n it's closed my air ways to my ears n there's fluid in them. And it's caused me to cough. Anti biotics won't do anything. It's just warm water with salt or honey gargling to open them bk up. Also given me erythromycin 2 tablets 4 x a day for a week upper respiratory infection

Hi Mo0o I do sympathise with you. I so suffer from Pulmonary Fibrosis and picked up a cold 6 weeks ago and am still coughing like an old cart horse. have had 2 courses of antibiotics and no result, sent for a chest xray last week which showed no pneumonia or infection, but fibrosis not so good ! I have insisted on seeing my Lung Specialist at the hospital, even though she told me a year ago there was nothing that could be done! I am 76 and not ready for my trip to heaven just yet, so when I get the appointment will make sure she understands how desperate I am. We must stick up for ourselves, I have learned this over the years, and am proof it works. 13 years ago I was given a long term prognosis of 4 - 6 years !'' Still here, although some days feel pretty grim. I have lots going on - have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for forty years, have had two hip replacements, and to top it off had an eye operation two years ago, and landed up blind in my left eye ! Happy Days eh My advice is hang on in there and insist on investigations. Try and think positive, I know it isn't easy ( I am on a low today but tomorrow will be better!) I so wish you well and will be thinking about you. lol xx

Aww bless ya, just wanna give u a lol hug. Your a fighter :) you insist for that appointment! I couldn't wait another day for my doc to say no appointments so I went to A&E and got seen n abut relieved it wasn't pbemonia, but still a process of shifting this virus. 8 tablets a day 😂

Wow , love your attitude and positivity!! I’m 79 and I as told 7 years ago I had 1 1/2 years. Really felt that bad too but that ole stubborn streak kicked in and a lot of discussions with the Lord, new Drs and. Pacemaker, lung capacity went from 17% to 30. The was a while ago and I don’t have bad time but , like you, I’m not ready to make that trip to heaven yet!!

Our differences is, I have copd and you have pf. Anyway I love your spirit. It give all of us a boast!!

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