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Hi everyone, I new to post and getting meself confused with it all. I am 59 have Bronchiactisis and chronic asthma. Work at a school and the last two years I have had many episodes of infections, coughing etc. resulting in lots of time off work. I can't manage the job Im in anymore and the environment makes me worse somedays. Does anyone know if I can retire. Although I pay tax and insurance, Im not in a pension scheme and live on my own, so not sure how I'll live if I do...its a bit scarey.

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Speak to BLF Benefits advisor 03000 030 555

Don’t put your self intentionally out of work.

Speak to your employees about alternatives in respect of lighter duties or shorter hours.

Hello lynnyjane .

Welcome to the forum. I am so sorry that you are struggling. Stone is right. You need some adjustments to your work load and environment. I hope the BLF benefits advisor can help you. Please let us know how you get on. Take care.

Cas xx 🍁

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Hi Lynn

Take sick leave when you are unwell in the meantime. While you figure it out. Check the school sick leave policy. The worse they can do is ask you to see the council works doctor and they will go back to the school and say you are entitled to sick leave.

Take care x

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Now that most schools are not under local authority control it is more likely that the school may not have any dealings with their occupational therapists and even if they do with school budgets as they are they won'the want to keep you on the books sick and have to pay for a replacement. Now would be an excellent time to speak to your union rep if you have one and perhaps get one if you don't. Unions have full time people who are very knowledgeable about these situations and can be involved even if the union is not recognised in your workplace.

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Yes great idea. I did go to my union rep and she attended meetings at the school with me.

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