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I feel like I've been neglected by doctors

Hi. I'm Tracy and I've suffered pain In my lower left side for almost 2 years now. I've had scans, cameras, treatment and I've numerous infections. I've seen loads of different doctors been refared to private hospital... but I'm not getting anywhere. They say they can't find anything. And it's a sharp stabbing pain but suddenly getting worse.. I've kids problems since I was a kid. Enlarged kidney on left side. And damaged on my right. I get infections all the time. But right now I'm at witts end because I dnt know what to do.. I'm on oromorph due to having diverticular disease. And loads of other meds and when i dnt take the oromorph for a bit. I start feeling the pain in my side loads.. the doctors say they can't see any stones. But I'm showing all signs of having them. I've had everything done. But not getting to the bottom. I had to come out if work due to this. And its getting me so down. I can't lift anything heavy. I basically can't do what I used to do.. And it upsets me and I'm just in pain all the time. With this and few other medical problems. But this is worrying me because I'm still no wiser to why I get this pain.. every time it gets bad I have infections. Then get refared to a specialist who gives me medication.. but then my own doctors refuse it when I need it. It's like I'm going round in a circle. And it's stopping me from doing stuff. And work. And I also have 3 children. I struggle with everything right now and dnt know what to do for the best x

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Oh dear I'm so sorry for what you're going through and can totally see how frustrated you must be on top of the pain.

All I can think of is to give the British Lung Foundation help line a call for some guidance if you're thinking it may be a lung connection. 03000 030555 UK office hours.

Wishing you all the very best. P


If your consultant recommends a treatment and your GP refuses to give you it I think there are two things you could do. One is to tell your consultant what is going on and get them to contact your GP, the second is to ask your GP what their reason is for refusing it. This is yet another example of having to be proactive when you have an unusual condition. Good luck xx


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