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Sorry! I have question re blood test

Thank you millions everyone who has offered advice and replied to my many questions.

I just wondered one thing on my blood test result last week it showed a slight dip in the liver function part. The specialist said they will check again in a month as it's always perfect when I have a blood test and I have quite a lot! She said that it's probably due to having a nasty infection and that can affect it apparently so she told me not to worry and we'll check it again soon.

Does this sound normal, anyone else found that being poorly for some time throws certain other things out of sync?

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I've had a deranged liver function test following IVs in the past but it came good at a leter date.



Thank you, I was confused as their usually all fine, inhave blood tests pretty often too!


These things often clear themselves and could be due to a great many things.


Meds can upset your liver functions..my bilirubin was high last time, I was retested on Wednesday on all the positives I had 2 months ago, so I’ll see.

Hope your results are ok x


Hello Shancock, the nurse is most likely right. As said by others even pills can upset blood results. Hopefully your next test will be fine fingers crossed for you.


Hi, test results always depend on what exactly the test is for anyway. I had a blood disease where my blood ALT count was sometimes 150+ whereby a normal score is 0 to 30 ish I believe. I was fortunate, was cured and the ALT is back below 30. The liver is a wonderful organ and seems to be able to take a lot of stick! Some meds are a bit like chemo therapy; to smash an infection there is collateral but temporary damage, if you see what I mean.

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