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I've just found out that my problems are due to GORD, relieved it's not something worse, worried about what to do about it. I'm also having sinus MRI next week as I suffer constantly from blocked sinus and post nasal drip. My CT shows the little thing that's supposed to stay shut open. I have a pretty good diet, don't smoke, not a big drinker at all and am not overweight. So I can change the diet a bit cut out citrus and cut down on my spice.

Wondered if anyone else gets this and what they eat to help it. Otherwise if doesn't get better I'll need surgery.

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I also cut out caffeine and cut down on chocolat along with all the obvious ones, spice, acid, alcohol. I also take lansoprasol to stop stomic acid. seems as if its not one thing its another 😕

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Shancock in reply to corriena

I don't drink coffee much so that's not a problem but I love my tea! Will try and only drink 1 cup a day but that's gonna be a nightmare. Was gonna try ginger tea in afternoon and camomile in evening.

Hi, me too. I now know I'm allergic to mould and fungi so blue cheese, mushrooms, the white on Camenbert & most wines all cause a reaction in the sinuses. The head scan was incredible to see, all the sinus cavities were choker with gunk. Since the op I've taken steroid nasal spray which helps.

It's a bit of a vicious circle. When the mucus can't escape & you have infected post nasal drip the spores from it can leak into your airways, if the immune system us low the result can be lung infection.

Similar the other end. Spores from acid reflux can leak into airways too.

To control acid I take Ranitidine (branded as Zantac but supermarkets do own brand 'Indigestion Tablets' at half the price) when I need to.

BTW I've tried every brand of decaf tea & find Yorkshire brand the best.

Lavaza, Illy and others do delicious decaf coffee

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O2Trees in reply to peege

Hi P, I never knew there were spores from PND or from reflux. I thought it was just the stuff itself which caused the damage to airways. Spores eh! Who knew?? Im hoping I might be able to downgrade from lansoprozole to ranitidine but i think it would have to be very gradual not to cause a kickback which already happened when I tried too quickly. I eat loads of brie, maybe mould from that causing the PND problem which chokes me sometimes - never thought of that either :(

Hope you're doing ok, take care, :) xxx

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Shancock in reply to peege

Hi, sorry if you didn't nt mind me asking but what op did you have and how did it help please?

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peege in reply to Shancock

Hi back 😀 no of course I don't mind you asking.

I wish I could remember what it was called. The most I remember is how dreadful I felt afterwards but that was all due to the steroids! As soon as I stopped them I felt absolutely fine . I think op was to stretch the sinus escape tube from sinuses. On the scan it was so fine, almost a hairs breadth, that nothing could get through. A few weeks later the contents of one side of the cavities came down (gross) & that felt incredible.

Hope that helps. P

PS have a look at pictures of the skull, see the big cavities in the forehead and upper cheeks. These are what get filled and turn infected. Like lung gunk it's better out than in 😜

Hi shancock, I had the sinus surgery a long time ago, it left me dizzy for a few years after and the sinus problem came back. Now it has gone completely since I am using IBT, it really has gone, I did not expect this to go and I hope it does not come back again, hoping.

Hi! I have a large hiatus hernia and suffered acid reflux for years which is probably the cause of my lung problems. I have taken Lansoprozole for years but last year, my chest consultant prescribed Metochlopromide which is normally given to stop sickness after chemo. It is supposed to subdue the sickness reflex and has certainly seemed to work for me. Add to the fact that I can't now drink alcohol and my stomach is much calmer. I wasn't a big drinker by any means but I used to have about half a bottle of wine most weeks and the occasional Baileys or port. Can't drink with these pills so don't know which is causing the improvement but I'm happy to stick with both. xx Moy

Not certain what your problems were but if they are lung related and now shown to be due to GORD get thorough advice from your doctors on how to treat this and make sure that they keep on top of this condition. Far too often they just give you omeprazole (without even telling you how to take it) and then send you away ! Omeprazole is provided as an inactive drug and works best (probably only works) if taken with water 1 hr before eating (and you must eat 1 hr later - not 3 or 4 hrs later).

The drug options are extensive starting with once daily PPI (the "prazoles"). If that does not work (and for many it doesnt) you may need to escalate to twice daily PPI, ranitidine (usually for night time reflux) and even metoclpramide or domperidone (last 2 are so called pro-kinetics).

If you have a hiatus hernia make sure they address this. The above PPIs and ranitidine stop acid prouction but you still aspirate stomach contents including bacteria (can increase due to PPIs) and enzymes that may damage your lungs. Raised top of bed bed is always a good idea as problem is worse at night when lying down. Also no meals after 6pm and small more frequent meals may help. Avoid fizzy drinks like coke or other acidic drinks.

If you click on Zubes name her old posts will come up. Yeterday she/he told us about IBT or scroll down the posts until you find it, very interesting. P

Ranitidine stopped working for me after more than 20 years, so now my GORD is treated with omeprazole.

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