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Volunteering for a research project.

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Just been asked to take part into research into early diagnosis of copd exacerbation.

Talking to the Doctor he stated that some early signs of exacerbation often show in the urine. Over the next three months I will be undertaking a daily urinalysis to look for ten different chemicals in the urine. Both by Dipstick and what he calls the box which I will keep at home.

I will also fill in a daily questionnaire and this along with the results from the box will be sent by a provided smartphone too the research centre daily. Obviously If I have a problem with COPD during this time I will be seen by the hospital not my GP.

If the research is proven then it could lead to a simple dipstick test to help diagnose early signs of exacerbation. I have not yet received all the information concerning details how many times I will need to go into hospital etc but if it helps people to get early treatment then I am all for it.

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Hope it all goes well Badbessie and will be interested in the results. Good luck to you. Xxxxx

I like the sound of that, I hope it's successful.

Sounds like really good practical research which could produce a quick useful test. Let us know how it goes on BB :)

Thank you for sharing this news with us Badbessie. It's always good to hear of new research which might lead to improved healthcare for us all.

I'm sure we'd all be really interested to hear how you're getting on with this and in the results when they are forthcoming. :-)

What a trooper you are Badbessie and I'm sure you will let us know how you get on etc ? Your involvement may mean we will eventually be able to detect an exacerbation far earlier on....all good stuff that will help us.

Best of luck.

Great stuff BB.

The more volunteers there are, the more accurate any results are. I have taken part in one, turned down for another and waiting to take part in another when called upon.

Well done BB ! That sounds like a really practical piece of research that could have important results. Thanks for representing us on the team.

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O2Trees in reply to Billiejean_2

Nicely put BJ

How interesting. Good luck with the research, and thanks for doing this, it will benefit us all

Will certainly be interested in the result, well done and hope it all goes well for you

Thank you for all your kind replies. I only have basic details at the moment. I like the simplicity of the concept and hopefully it may bring benefits to all.

Very interesting, something new everyday. I hope you keep us updated. Good luck!

How interesting - look forward to the results. Thanks for posting.

Sounds fantastic! Well done BB for being a willing volunteer. Thank you! xx Moy

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Sounds v interesting. Well done. Might it also be relevant to bronchs?

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Badbessie in reply to Hidden

All I have been given is basic details at the moment. Hopefully it it benefit all in some way.

Well done to you hopefully it might be of great benefit to all xxx

True pioneer

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