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Tell the chancellor to stop incentivising diesel

Across the UK, millions of us are breathing in toxic levels of pollution. That needs to change.

Much of our pollution comes from diesel vehicles, yet the taxation system still makes it seem cleaner and cheaper to buy diesel. But even newer diesel vehicles are more polluting than they should be.

Air pollution is dangerous to all of us: it can stunt the growth of children’s lungs and worsen symptoms for people who have asthma and COPD.

We can change this, but there’s not long to go.

When the chancellor announces the government’s budget for the next year on 22 November, we want him to raise the taxes that people pay when they buy a new diesel vehicle. This will help send a message that diesel isn’t a healthy option.

Many people bought diesel vehicles in good faith. The money raised should be used to fund a diesel scrappage scheme to help people move to cleaner vehicles, public transport, cycling and walking.

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and then simply fill in your name and email address below and we'll help you send your email to Philip Hammond.

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What we've badly needed for the the last decade is a planned holistic energy strategy for the future instead of a knee jerk revenue grabbing hit the motorist strategy. If we all bought electric cars, the country would grind to a halt as there are very few charging points and little or no spare energy generating capacity on the National Grid due to years of under investment by the privatised utilities who are driven by short term profit motives.

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Surely instead of hitting the motorist yet again why not go for the real culprit s, the vans ,lorries ,buses, coaches . A lot of which pump out the offending fumes in huge quantities .....Scrap all vehicle that have failed an immission s test , those that are on the roads illegally give them a heavy fines as well scrap them.

Have Automatic fines for buses parked with the engine running. We saw this in London earlier this year. Three buses in a row ..parked all with engines running.....why.?.

We used the scrappage system to buy a new diesel car in 2010 as urged by the government. .These days not everyone can afford to change vehicles , have large wage packets , or large retirement pensions or want to get into debt .....

This is just another excuse for taxation ....... We haven't not forgotten the Climate Change Levy.....placed on businesses back in 1990's . Never did find out what we were paying for.

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