Anxiety infections and Hospital

Hi well what a day wednesday was on monday i didnt go to Breathe easy. Because of infection. I Told the nurse at the hospice when she rang on monday that i was on abs. She said still to go to hospice had a few episodes of breathing problems and panic on wednesday the Matron came. She had a lot to tell. It has Been arranged that i will be going into the hospice when there is a spare bed for sympton control put on waiting list .Also the consultant has agreed i can have azithromycin. When infection gone. But i have to put a sample inon Monday last Abs tonight if i still have infection I have to go into hospital for IV Abs and i will loose matron again have to be released to rapid response then when they have finished refered Back also had a phone call from hospital aboutsympton control I told them been refered to hospice they said thats fine And to top it all off ive lost a diamond ring it was quite expensive bought for a joint birthday anniversary present some years Back i think i lost it at hospice fingers crossed it will turn up .frank wants me to go out this afternoon Because ive not been dressed since tuesday and panic setting in about leaving house again .

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Oh dear Margaret, l hope you can get out for a short while today.

You do seem to be being looked after and l hope that continues.

Thinking of you as always. Xxxxx

I Did go out in the car for a hour just had little run out stopped at shops so frank could get milk not a bad day out for a change .Grandson and hids pal doing some. More work in the garden I think I will have to tax them on what we are paying them lol xxxx

Great that you got out Margaret and getting help with the garden is a bonus, even if it costs lol. Take care xxxxx

The Lads are doing a good job frank said. Which im pleased about havent Been out in the Back garden lately. But i can see where they have cut trees and Bushes down at the end of garden with a little help from grandad They nearly finished it so they will be gutted love Margaret xxx

Hi 👋 mags how are you and your lad? Forgot his name now, I got out of hospital two weeks ago pneumonia in left lung hospital three days in there told me to take amoxicillin which I’m resistant to and ended up thought I was going to die never felt like that before anyway take care and get well soon. Richard

Sorry you Been in the national Health Hotel pneumonia is awful had it a couple of times this year amoxycillin is a pointless Drug in my mind lots of people dont get along with it I think they throw the the cheap Drugs at us first hope you are on the mend it takes time to feel somewhat Better How Did you get on when you went to see the oxygen. Nurse .Frank sends his Regards have you Been back to PR. Keep your fingers crossed that my infection gone finished Abs this morning Dont think it has though looking like I will end up going in on the IV abs take care Margaret

Oh dear hope it is not too complicated for you..only do what you feel you can do..maybe today isn’t the day..easy for me to say I know.. my daughter is trying to teach me to say no!

Take good care x

I was Brave lol took half a lorazapam and went with frank for a hours drive he popped in shop for Milk l stayed in car still i was out and dressed Best wishes

Very brave of you Margaret, I bet you even enjoyed it xx

Hello Margaret, it certainly sounds like you have been having a rough time again. I really do hope things settle down for you. I also hope you find your ring. Your take care. Love Bernadette xxx

I am devestated about my ring for months i have not worn my ring only wedding and eternity so to put it Back on then loose it so upset .I am praying that sample I put in on monday is clear. Otherwise will be going into the hospital i need it to be clear to go on the azhyromycin hopefully it will help just dont want to be hospitalised and loose services again. Love Margaret xxx

I do hope you manage to get out this afternoon and enjoy a little outing with Frank. It is a lovely afternoon here, but I know you are in NE. I'm so sorry you have lost your lovely ring, I do hope it turns up. You really don't need all that upset. Thinking of you, all my love R xx

Thanks we had a little run out in the car just a breather to break the day up first time dressed since Tuesday I am devastated about my ring .Weather actually dry sunny and quite warm for a change hope you are getting used to oxygen love Margaret xxx

So glad you managed to get out. It can really give you a boost, can't it? Sometimes we just have a ride out in the car for an hour and it's lovely to see the countryside and families out and about. Hope you find your ring. xx Moy

Thanks moy so do I feeling fed up. Should have been on a cruise today. With friends we. No longer see its there anniversary oh well hope they enjoy it xx

Dear Margaret fingers are so tightly crossed for you to get over your infection and to get some help at the hospice with your terrible anxiety/panic attacks. As you know I am the same and I'm hoping you will be able to pass on any valuable information/methods of controlling our "attacks". Please keep in contact and let's hope things will become a little easier?

Best wishes to you and Frank!


Anything that helps i will certainly pass on hope Do find something. I have just got up forced myself to get out of Bed take care xx

I'm new to this but I find it interesting reading your comments. I have bronchitis copd and R/A I don't go out much nervous of catching infections but it helps me knowing I'm not alone.

Pleased to welcome you will get lots of helpfull tips on this forum x

Hi oh dear I'm going through exactly the same im on oxygen barely move out of house and when I do my partner takes me In car whilst he goes in the shop .. my breathing is terrible and I too was put on azithromycin 3 times a week which went up to 2 tablets three times a week . I didn't really benefit from them to be honest but that cos i have had alot to contend with ..hope ur ok xxx mel xxx

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