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It was a nice morning yesterday I had to go up to hospital for the blood test.

After the doctor stabbed me in the shoulder with the flu vac the other day honestly I never had such a bad jab..it took me 48h to overcome it, apart from the muscle pain I felt very tired like I had a virus but nothing else.

Blood test was perfect she found the vein first time! Took 6 tubes. Then I went to the cafeteria for breakfast and indulged!

Saw Dad he was down with a cold but the doctor said he had a reaction to his flu jab..I thought that time of year..he was in a mood he has dementia..Luckily I had to go to the hairdresser’s afterwards good for the moral! Then had a mail the home made an appointment for the neurologist for Dad and wants me there..

I spend my time in homes and hospitals..Awful really but I am a dutiful daughter.. I have Dad in one and Mum in another, separated you see..Every other day when it’s not for my parents, my daughter who has moved back home or myself..

I am watching Cold feet catch-up while I am writing this post..you’ve got to start the day laughing a bit and I am so lucky to live in a country with a view..

So today is swimming pool day I’d better get ready even if I just want to lounge like a couch potato all day..

Hope you are having a good week x


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Hi Fran you are a very busy lady but do remember to care for you too.

Your flu jab sounded awful but hope you have a really good day today. Take care and good wishes to you.

Carole xxx

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Thank you Carole!! Take care of yourself too!! Yes my GP was all tanned back from his holidays so he took it out on me😂..yes I am too busy but it won’t go away so I have to deal with it ..give myself breathing spaces in between, do the things I like and put my phone on silent 😉

Talk to you soon 🤗🤗

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sassy59 in reply to Hidden

Take care Fran, chat soon. Xxx 👍😘

Very interesting update Fran. I've been dying to know how your flu jab had settled down -or not. I've been unwell this whole month and am now on a high dose steroids beginning to reduce tomorrow. I'm getting really desperate about not having the flu injection and wonder if they'd give it to me now, while the cortisone has damped down the sob a bit.

I really empathise with your parental situation. Having two different homes to visit must be really eating up your energy even though you obviously want to be there for them. It's a big deal for someone with your health problems. Remember to take care of yourself too Fran.

I'm not a regular Cold Feet viewer but did watch the last episode in the current series too. Might bring the rest up on the player because I enjoyed it.

Have fun at the swimming pool today. Maybe a photo to make us all envious ??

Enjoy :)


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Thank you Billiejean 😊. I didn’t have the iphone in the swimmingpool area! But now I am at respiratory physiotherapy and it isn’t worth the picture 😂

It’s ok now..took 48h really. I am on steroids I had to have a special jab for steroids users.

Yes it has certainly made my health problems worse for a while until the doctors said stop! And my daughter taught me to say no again!

Anyway you take good care too xx

Hope you're feeling better BJ and can have your flu' jab. Lilian xxxxx

I wish Lillian :( They won't give if while there's any trace of exacerbation and unfortunately, I'm not quite better yet. Fortunately, there seems to be very little flu around here as yet but of course that could change any time. Fingers crossed it keeps well away from all of us, Lillian.

I didn't realise you had a flare up BJ. Hope it hasn't knocked you back too much and that you get over it quickly and then you can stop watching Cold Feet!! Have a good sleep. Lilian xxxxx

Thanks Lillian !

Lovely photo Fran! :-)

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Thank you Rose 🌹

Seriously I wonder if doctors even take some kind of training to give you a flu shot. Increasingly here and Canada it is the pharmacies that give you a flu shot and they're much better than the doctors. I'm sorry you have to go through all this with your own struggles to boot! It has to be hard when our parents age especially with dementia. Because they end up being either nasty or not knowing you! Take your pick! All you can do is hope your daughter is going to be there for you too and hopefully you don't have dementia coming around the bend. Getting old is not for sissies. Love your pictures keep them coming. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you.

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Thanks Lindy 🌷

Yes she is there for me but it is not a life I wish for her, I don’t want her to end up like me! I told her!

So we’ve joined the gym club together to keep up physically! We have always got on well but respect is the key.

Yes exactly my colleague used to tell me yours are not octogenarians they are octopuses 🐙 Well they are now close to their ninety bless them but I won’t last!!😱😃

The physio told me today nurses are much better at giving injections, I said well I’ll give this guy a miss next year 😂.

Physiotherapy was great I have to do those respiratory exercises at home so we rehearse them. I felt oxygenated afterwards honestly.

I’ll take some more pictures then!!

Have a great evening! I’m watching football I love football ⚽️

Bye 💐

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Lindy-loo1949 in reply to Hidden

Good for you that you've joined the gym. I don't have the energy quite honestly. I know everyone says well once you exercise it gives you extra energy I don't find that. I thought I would try my hand at swimming and then go to real bad bout of pneumonia from the chlorine in the water so I find out I can't do that! The best thing for me to do is build up my muscles via one of those bands or getting up and actually walking with a walker. Lord Jesus that makes me feel so old dang!

Hi Fran

Hope your excersises went well 😊 remember to keep yourself warm afterwards!

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Hi Lindy

Thank you 😊 x

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