I'm new here

I'm new here

I'm new here.. 81 yrs young, diagnosed with COPD in 1996. Started oxygen in April 2014. Now using size C tanks when I go out. Home oxygen concentrator most of the time.. also have sleep apnia and use a V-pap machine at night. Still getting around, but currently having some rib pain. Other than that, I just have to take a slow pace even with my walker. That's all for now, have to fix dinner for my wife and myself...

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Hi and we'll to the club,I think you will find loads of supportive people on here I certainly did.. enjoy your meal smells nice lol,Ger

Hello and welcome to the group. It's lovely to see that you're getting on with things, and I hope that you enjoyed your dinner. 😊XXX

Hi and welcome to the forum.

You will enjoy being here, the members are really friendly. xx

You sound very upbeat in spite of all your difficulties. Hope the rib pain soon goes. Keep i n touch, we help each other sharing the good times and the bad. Iris x

Welcome you will find many friends on this site.

Welcome.You are looking a very good 81 yrs young in your photo,sorry this is not a chat up,i am just a bloke who is feeling 64 yrs old at the moment.Enjoy dinner with your dear lady..........skis and scruffy cat

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