You Don't Sometimes Know Whats Worse

You Don't Sometimes Know Whats Worse

Today was quite event full day did lot of coughing THEN bang coughed up something that looked like emphysema.

Well shoved it under microscope AND was a fruit fly GOSH how rank is that hairy legs and all EK :P

A think coughing up lung tissue is easer on the eyes than a fruit fly.

Rank rank rank ... anyway consensus say's it never went into lung but was trapped in mucus sputum in mouth.

Sadly it never survived its little fruit fly adventure BUT it prob experienced touch of COPD & CHRONIC LUNG DIEASE

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Defo agree the a pain guess as bad as nats when younger :)

You not wrong there GUESS organic as it's down sides lol

Be tined fruit for me from now on

Only you JAS, only you ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

Hi sassy was thinking that too lol

are you an open mouth sleeper Jeff I ask this as I am curious how the fly was there to start with and what magnification are you using on the scope?


Hi Yer we had fresh fruit AS to sleeping with mouth open i try not to given spider debate BUT depends on if nose blocked if mouth open ;)

Was faily low magnification as tried getting hole fly in picture.

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