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Yet more hospitals!

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I saw my lung consultant today at Southmead who was pleased to say that I am stable, decline in some lung function but slight improvement in others, so that is good. He also said that he didn't want to see me for a year, but that if I deteriorated I was to phone him immediately as he would do a lung biopsy and there is a limited window when it is possible. I hope it won't be necessary! Otherwise just keep doing what I have been doing. Then just as we were leaving I had a phone call from the Bristol Heart Institute to say they would like me to come in for a pre-op assessment on Monday next, so that I could have the procedure done on Friday 10th. Not quite sure which procedure but no doubt it will become clear on Monday. Meanwhile I am still trying to persuade the Royal Gwent to give me a date for my cataract operation! We spent yesterday afternoon at the Gwent for my husband, will we ever go anywhere again that isn't a hospital? I am beginning to wonder. Meanwhile try to keep well everyone. You have to laugh😁 or you would cry 😢!

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I know what you mean Carnival and you do have to laugh or you would definitely cry! Pete and l are often at hospital or Doctors.

Let’s hope you don’t need that biopsy. Xxxxx

Glad to hear you have had some improvment and the consultant has left it open for you to phone him if need be rather than going through rigmarole of being refered again although i hope you dont need to hope your procedure goes well next week and your husband is ok after his hospital visit take care love Margaret x

Hoping you will get some satisfaction when you have your procedure in November.

Best wishes. xx

I know what you mean Carnival. During periods like this, it seems that instead of a normal social life, visiting hospitals and consultants are one's days out.

It does seem though that you have made some progress in working through your list lately, so I suppose persevering is the only option.

Good luck to you and your husband and enjoy all those exciting days out :)

Thank you Billiejean! October seemed to be nearly all medical appointments and now November is beginning to feel the same! The biggest nuisance is the cataract operation because the Welsh NHS doesn't seem keen on answering the phone or telling you who your consultant is. They have a habit of calling you and asking you if you can come in a couple of days. So far I have put them off twice, once I was away and once at Southmead. They don't seem to be able to grasp the fact that I need enough notice to have my INR checked twice before surgery. I had a call from them the other day and when they asked me to call them with information I had to ask for a phone number which is not available anywhere! When I was having the problem with oxygen I had no phone number to call about that either! When you get the treatment it is fine, but talk about going round the houses.

Bless you - good luck and all best wishes for your operations xx

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