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Pip tribunal help?

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Hello I have a pip tribunal in a couple of weeks as I've had my pip stopped.i have brochioectisis and enthesima when I went for my medical they said they asked for a doctor's report but I found out they hadn't but now my local gp says he can't do a report unless asked to do so by pip ect.the problem I have is I'm never away from my doctor as I'm on antibiotics all the time and feel he could really help by doing the report but he won't.does anyone have any suggestions?PS sorry for rambling on a bit.

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Does you GP mean he can’t do for free.

My GP charges £20 for a DWP support letter, free when requested by DWP.

Some reading may assist you.


They say they contact the clinicians you put on your form but in reality this doesn't seem t be the case. I don't nderstand why your GP has said this to you. I obtained letters from my consultant, GP, matron and my treatment plan from the surgery. None of them charged. My consultant told a medical student they used to get a lot of requests and charged the DWP and the fee went back into the hospital but that he doesn't get requests now. Probably because when they changed the goal posts from 50m to20m they would have been inundated.

Maybe your consultant could help and you GP could write a letter To Whom It May Concern. S/he is within their rights to charge but that would be up to their discretion.

Good luck to you.


He should I don't understand why not, yes there may be a charge, do you a specialist at all? When attending the tribunal give as much detail as absolutely possible and don't hold back on your problems either. Sorry, but not long ago I had to do a consideration letter to the DWP as they attempted to change my son's DLA rate from high to moderate (he has severe learning difficulties and dyspraxia), anyway the letter was enough thank goodness. But I know people who have attended a tribunal and it's turned out well. I'm so sorry you have to do this though its the last thing you need, just not fair. I hope it goes well.

Your doctor should do a letter or,form etc, it's a gp's duty, so say that you won't take no for an answer.

Don't know if the benefit advisors on the help line could advise you. Call them, 03000 030555 UK office hours. P

Go and see another dr at the surgery. This one is out of order. He should be providing you with this. Better still also contact your specialist and ask them to supply a report. Good luck.

Sorry to hear this. All the replies sound good. I just wanted to add my support and wish you good luck. Perhaps your consultant or respiratory nurse or both of them could write. I know my resp nurses were more than happy to write letters for me for various reasons including blue badge and DLA applications. It might be worth a try.

All the best


record record record then they cant lie like the scum they are

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Ruach in reply to sibkev

wrong................no good inventing enemies and making war on what you do not like or understand...............Learn how to manage the system, listen to advice, not just those whose only response is to create more friction..................You will not "win" a battle against any system by being angry and confrontational, you need to think carefully before advising people to make enemies rather than deal with their problems with solutions that will make the way clearer, seeking advice from those whose job it is to help, gathering all personal and relevant documentation, assessing what points went wrong and righting them, taking a step back and thinking things through...........If you want to scream and shout and call the " other side " Scum" and liars, then feel free to do so............But do not think for a moment that your advice is useful to anyone at all, because it is not........You are just manipulating a person who is already suffering and further compounding their problems.

Their is plenty of good, considered and mature advice available and no place for causing further stress doubt and worry with confusing wrongful advice that merely advises the enquirer to behave like you think fit.

Dave please ignore the advice to make yourself further trouble, and take note of the other better advice that is here: Contact the staff here who are in place to deal with welfare issues just such as you have.

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sibkev in reply to Ruach

dude only saying record to it it the best way i have 3 mates who all said a lot of stuff that was not wrtten down the way it was said to many thing to write about here

Have you asked for a copy of your medical assessment for PIP, worth seeing before you go to a tribunal. If your Doctor will not do a medical report would they be willing to write saying they had not been asked to do a report. You need as much paper work as you can also did you have someone with you at your medical, it is worth trying to remember as much as you can about the assessment, it is not unknown for the talk to be misrepresented.

Does your drs have an online appointment system if so you maay be able to do a screen print of your most recent appointments. Hope that helps

Thought this might help, many years ago my GP was asked for a report and stated he did not know me well enough to comment on how my illness affected my daily life. However when a DWP doctor came from Nottingham the benefits were granted. Which shows they do not always need your own doctors evidence it merely supports your case. I had had more than one DWP doctors exam over the years and all said unfit for employment but I still worked but did not get disability benefits till I stopped work totally.

I wrote a letter stating how my illness affects me on a daily basis when engaging in everyday tasks such as washing, dressing, cooking and so forth. It was very humiliating to write it down how I have to rely on my grown children for much of my care needs, how I need help to get in and out of the bath ect: I talked about the side effects my medication some of my medication caused and how one medication left me with suicidal ideation. I talked about the isolation that my illnesses have caused and how lonely and depressed being in constant pain leaves me. You can submit letters from family and friends saying how your illness affects you also. I suggest you tape your interview as unfortunately assessor are not always factually correct. They have been trained to assess in a certain way! I have had two PIP assessments and both had factual inaccuracies. Read as much guidance on "PIP" assessments as you can and be prepared to ask for a mandatory reconsideration. The assessor will not accept any further evidence at the assessment. Mine wouldn't give accept my medication repeat script from my prescription. They like to see if you remember your medication so they can say you have good cognitive function. Unfortunately a lot of people are unsuccessful until mandatory reconsideration stage or tribunal. Good luck.

If it was on the BBC it must be true???

Fair enough.

Thanks for all the comments and support.im going to see the practice manager to see if they can help.i got a copy of the report from my assessment and I thought I was reading someone else's none of the answers were mine and I was constantly asked about my good days which I've since found out was wrong of them.im going to try and get the doc's report but they seem determined not to help the only good thing is I have someone to represent me this time.thanks again for all the support.

Hey Dave,

Sorry to hear about your difficulty with the DWP and PIP. I strongly recommend that you speak to either the benefit adviser on the BLF helpline or get an appointment with your local Citizen Advice Bureau (CAB) - citizensadvice.org.uk/

It's best copies of any letters you give to GPs etc (even if its requesting medical records) and get them to give you receipt. They may have a log book which you have to sign if you record anything.

Best of luck.


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