Coughing up blood

Coughing  up  blood

Hello i become desperate that's why im posting here. Nearly a year agoni started to cough up phlegh tinged with blood from the lungs. I did all the possoble tests x ray ct scan bronhoscopy. Alll normal

Im seen by a top specialist at Brompton but he can't explain....

He belive maight be a low grade infection

Anyone.had something like that.

Any replay is welcomed


I have added a pic

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Oh Dear if they can’t explain at the Royal Brompton..If you don’t feel well go to your GP..I wouldn’t wait.. take care x

Good idea to go to see your GP Steve just to be checked again. The Brompton need to keep an eye on things too.

Good luck xxxxx

Been ti the gp 3 times been refered to local respiratory clinic twice and since apr i have been seen by Brompton royal luck yet

Don’t give up Steve. Xx

Most of us cough up blood at some stage during our lives,often as a result of minor blood vessel damage or infection as the Brompton have indicated.I think perhaps in future you could possibly describe your symptoms as effectively as showing us a picture.Maybe you need to see your Gp for reassurance that all is well...........regards skis and scruffy cat.

I have the same issue from time to time. In my case it turned out to be post nasal drip from bloody noses, even though you don't always know your nose is bloody. Now I can always tell because after I cough up a little blood I blow my nose and there's always a little blood in the tissue.


I’ve had so many test to be told not lungs just upper respiratory and asthma. I never cough and not produce something. Often yellow, green occasionally orange and rarely blood.

Always assumed that any blood was just a broken blood vessel.

It is so very frustrating isn’t it.

I always have low grade infection, normally mixed with H Influenza which seems to like where it is as just will not go.

I am so very tired all the time. It look fine.

I’ve found that this site is excellent and the knowledge and mpathy the members have is unparalleled.

Never be afraid to g9 back, that they have taught me!

This were the words used in my case...possible low grade infection i.never cough that's strange

We all have similarities and many differences. For thirty years l thought l was the only one and seems for 100% mate to anyone else l am but l have found many ho have similar traits.

If in doubt, see GP

I.was worried about cancer or pulmonary fibrosis or copd but they said a high resolution ct scan normal bronhoscopy and normal pft rules out this conditiona

Good news then..some suggestions if I may: how about seeing an ENT for your larynx and a gastroenterologist for an endoscopy..talking from personal experience..

Take care x

Have you been checked for Aspergillosis Steve? Maybe worth it if they have tried everything else.. good luck

Sorry want to write Stevenn13 it's all new to me😀

Its hard for the top doctors well

I can't even get that right lol stevennmeant to put 03

No they didn't i will mention next time

No they didn't i will mention next time


I have Apergillosis there are a few people I'm my support group that cough up blood from time to time.. it's just worth a mention.

Is that on top of other condition or its a separate disease

I have Asthma bronchiectasis & ABPA which is a form of Aspergillis there are a few different types buts it's usually people that have had asthma or cystic fibrosis get it.

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