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Cough problem

I had been suffering from severe cough from past 2 months and frequently changed two doctors and medications but still cough is present though it’s less than earlier. I have crackling sound and some sound while cough. I am taking some medication right now but at night the cough is more prevalent. Can someone suggest any advise as to how I can get rid of cough problem.

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Have u had chest x Ray? If not then insist on one.

Steam really helps some people and drinking lots of fluid especially water. I find menthol rub at night is fairly good. Lots of vitamin C. But I find 6 mugs of hot water a day really helps as it loosens everything.

They need to refer you so they can find out what's causing it to go on so long if you haven't already seen a specialist.


I would ask for specialist referral so you can be properly tested. Take care x


I was the same as you sent for an X-ray turned out I had Scarcodosis ask for an X-ray you may need to start steroids

Good luck

Val x


Hi Prashant6251 all good advice from everyone. I would like to add that rubbing Vic on the souls of my feet then wearing a pair of socks over the Vic to go to bed gave me wonderful relief during the night. Might help while waiting for the X Ray and medics to stir.


Long term cough is not good and needs to be treated. Have you been given AB or any suggestions as to how to clear the throat etc. Try the Huffing technique this is found on the internet and is well worth trying to get up the gunk. You have not mentioned if there is much if any coming up and what colour it is? The lighter the better.

It could even be an allergy to something think about what has changed in the household Etc.

Hope it gets better soon.

Be well

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