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Coughing blood

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I found some blood in my sputum 5days ago on 19 October and from that day it continued. Actually i don't think that i have infection because i don't cough frequently(3 to 4 times per hour) and neither do i have fever but i have throat infection in past week on 12 October . I found blood mostly at morning and rest of day is normal sputum. When i try to cough there is pain between my left arm and neck close to sternum .

It just an infection or it pointing to major problem.plz anyone could help

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Any coughing up blood requires further investigation, although it may just be sticky thick mucus tearing the tiny blood vessels. Drink a glass of water first thing may help thin the mucus.

A chat with your GP would not go a miss.

You must see your doctor as soon as possible this symptom is not a good sign I know from personal dealings with my husband go today

Val x

Probably nothing to worry about, but best see your Dr.

Absolutely, please see your PCP.. Any sign of blood is a cause for concern..

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