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Brain damage or dystonia

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Hello, I have cervical dystonia which is a muscle movement disorder in the neck. I got off klonopin after 13 years. I weened of as I should but went through really bad scary withdrawal anyway. It felt like my brain was being shocked for 3 days strait with no sleep for those 3 days. Some feelings did not go away and I was still bugging . then a severe anxiety depression hit me. Major depressive disorder. During the depression I developed a speach problem. My lungs are fine but I don't have enough lung capacity to talk. And I sound like I'm talking through my nose. I can't talk unless I'm talking to the top of my voice. When I get into an intense convo its like my brain shuts down and I can't talk anymore. Like oxygen is being cut off some how. I will be seeing my neuro but every doc likes to defend klonopin . any thoughts would help. Also I'm still going through depression but not as bad. Its lingering and I still don't feel like myself. Thank you

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I think you have posted in the wrong forum Kelly9610. The British Lung Foundation provide this forum for people who have (or care for people who have) lung conditions. You would find more knowledgeable support by targeting your query to a forum dealing with brain damage or dystonia. Try the 'My Communities' button above and select 'Browse Communities' to see what else is available for you.

Or try

Good luck. :)

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