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Question about back pain

My current cough hasn't been just over 3 weeks and I've had X-ray and ct scan next week. The back pain comes and goes, right in the middle of my back sometimes burning and sometimes an ache. The x ray showed no infection so it's not that but of course my lungs are inflamed, so is that that causes the pain and the coughing? Will it subside as this starts to ease off? I'm very very fed up, sorry!

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Sorry you are fed up and in pain..ct scan should tell them what’s up. Xray are not always accurate but should show an infection. It is hard to wait but you seem in good hands. Are you on meds like pred in the meantime?

Take care x


Thank you xx I've on ab's and have been for 3 weeks from GP just as precaution I'm take paracetamol for pain can't take ibuprofen as gives me ulcers. I'm just inpatient and not good when in pain, I get ratty and snappy with everyone.

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I take Omeprazole 40mg for reflux..same here..I am on Prednisone, it helps a lot with inflammation..Paracetamol makes me breathless I thought I was dreaming it but it does I have to take more puffs.

Anyway 3 weeks is a while, so old fashioned tips, a hotwater bottle or small heated blanket I used it for pain when I had pleurisy..

Keep in touch!


It could be musculoskeletal due to the cough or perhaps a touch of reflux. Of course it could be a bit of both. Of course it could be neither. You seem to be getting appropriate tests in the near future hopefully you will get a definite answer then


Thank you so much, I do get reflux actually and it be getting worse with cough. Hopefully I'll have some answers in week or so.

Thanks for you help xx


I have the same problem with back pain when I have a cough,but as I also have arthritis in my back I usually can't tell what's causing the pain.I take omeprazole,naproxen,amitriptyline and paracetamol.(besides other meds for other problems)Hope you get sorted soon,it sometimes takes a while to get the right combination of meds to get the best effect.


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