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Meds changing

My GP now has a letter from the consultant I saw a month or so ago.

He recommends changes:

No more Relvar or incruse, instead use anoro.( Which COPD nurse took me off because she said it was wrong for me and making me worse, and I did improve after changing to incruse and relvar)

No more Fostair........only started Fostair a few weeks ago and very happy with it, feeling better for using it instead of ventolin....But Consultant now says to use salmbutamol ( ventolin), 2 puffs 4 times a day.............I went on to fostair because getting no relief with ventolin.

As you may imagine I am not happy with above changes but GP says cannot go against or ignore the consultant...... have to try out new regime and see how it goes..I can guess how it might go.

Also, course of vitamin D and multi-vitamins, plus appt with dietician/nutritionist.

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If you are still getting no relief with Ventolin there is another alternative in the same class of drug, a short acting bronchodilator, that you could try called "Bricanyl". I had to change to this for the same reason, Ventolin was no longer effective. Bricanyl is a powder inhaler so it will require a good strong in-breath. I have been using it for 10 months and it is still effective today.


2greys.........Please re-read....... consultant dictates what my new regime is, it is not a choice......................Plus, tried bricanyl before, no good for me. Thanks anyway

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I have had 2 of my inhalers changed by my GP because of problems, but then you have different doctors in a different area. My consultants dictate the class of medicines from which the GP will choose which ones from within that class, we are all different as to what works and whether there are side effects or not. It would not be possible to keep going to see the consultant each time there is a problem.

It is a pity that you have been taken off Fostair, as it seemed to be working for you. Some drugs will interact with other drugs, which could be the reason why it has been stopped, it can all be a bit of a juggling act, change one and you have to change another to suit.

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Yes you can go against consultant and GP....they don't walk in your shoes or breathe for you ....if you feel that your better with one than the other then you must tell them that don't have to put up with it because they said so ...its your health and safety that's of the utmost concern not what they see fit for you to try ...make a stand with your GP and tell him her you won't be fobbed off you know your mind and body I hope you get what suits you according to your needs xxxx



Well, today is the first of my new medication.

I had my morning course, ( some ar twice a day) and then had a call from the receptionist at the Doctors. ( Just to mention here, the receptionist team are very very good and a valuable connection between the Doctors and myself)

I spoke with the same receptionist yesterday, just to clarify exactly which were the contraindicated medications I needed to cease, because some are/were on a trial version and not yet on my regular prescription, which means of course the consultant was not aware of these when developing the new medication regime....

During the conversation I once again stressed my concerns about changing the meds just at the point where after trial and error I was starting to get relief and benefit .

The call this morning was to confirm my message had been passed to the Doctor who has in turn confirmed they are very happy for me to continue with the existing/previous inhalers and not use the newly prescribed one!

Obviously I am very pleased about this and the only change now to my medication is now additional vitamin D and B plus.

Breathing more easily already........

( You were right Angie*)

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Not right to be fair you stood your ground with the powers that be my motto is why fix it if it's not broke I'm really pleased your staying with your choices and not what they think you should have good luck and happy breathing xxx

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