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Doctors and infection


Hi Thursday afternoon frank called into the Doctors to see if the sample Matron took Week gone wednesday results where Back told yes clear .When I went to see the consultant a week gone Friday I took a sample With Me Frank Has just come Back from the chemist having picked up prescription. I opened the Bag to find a weeks supply of ciproflaxin no note no phone call from surgery no steroids you would think the surgery could have phoned to tell me cant count how many antibiotics i have Been on this year sooner i can get on Azithrmyn the Better not sure of spelling .

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Hi Margaret sorry not been in touch but doing an assignment for my course. I know how you feel, it's also happens to me this year. My community matron got back to me about my hospital appointment, I may have to wait till the beginning of February before I get one. Hope you are ok and having a relaxing weekend. Check in with you later. Love Bernadette 😳 xxx

Hi Bernadette hope course work going ok ridiculous how long to wait for hospital appointment hope you can maybe get a cancellation. I am fed up of being on antibiotics still upstairs wind Howling love Margaret xx

Not good Margaret dr are all overworked. But it’s not excuse for not keeping you informed as to what’s going on

I had text from my doctor saying “matrons input not indicated “

Because I have a district nurse every week and a respiratory nurse ,not quite sure what that means

Take care


I just feel. That i dont warrent the. Courtesy of being. Kept abreast with my treatment or not . Seems a strange text from your Gp maybe as you say District nurse and respirpty nurse Best wishes Margaret

Take care Margaret. You’re in the right place as it’s not nice outside.

Hope you get the Azithromycin soon. Love and hugs. Xxxxxx

Thanks sassy so do I to many infections wind still howling take care Margaret xxx

Hi Margaret, stay indoors;its getting very windy here also. Part of my garden fence was blown over last night so my son is out there trying to secure the garden for our lovely dog,Hazel. You are going for the world record for the number of AB's to be prescribed,aren't you? Its so terrible the way in which you are left "in the dark" regarding your treatment and meds etc. I'm not sure who you'd be best to speak to on Monday- maybe the head GP at your surgery? All this just adds to the stress and anxiety you already have that goes hand to hand with COPD. I would be feeling exactly like you are.....hopping mad to put it very politely!?!? You can't speak to anyone until Monday, so rest up,stay indoors and out of the wind and ask your Frank to make you one of his lovely shake drinks,with a wee dram of whiskey perhaps for medicinal reasons of course!!!!

Thinking about having something similar myself!!

Hi. Wind still howling just like i am on the inside I may go downstairs in a bit have taken half a lorazapam waiting for it to kick in my netves are shot sooner i can get on to the Az the better .Hope your son can do some sort of repair so Hazel isnt House Bound I am going to speak to matron about my appettite hardly ate this week which i know is wrong I will ask frank to make me a shake wonder what it would be like with a drop of Baleys lol .One thing ive cut down on washing for frank not been dressed since Monday shamefull really xxx

I am sure half the problems with the NHS are caused by total lack of communication! I sometimes wonder if they are still at the stage of sending a runner with a note! So far this year I have had the consultant's secretary not sending me important letters, and the respiratory nurse discharging me without telling me. If they told the GP it wasn't passed on. Are we people or numbers? I am not sure. I hope you get it sorted out, Margaret, it is bad enough being unwell again. I should take Squirrel 's advice if I were you, especially the wee dram. All love R xx

Thanks they will be using carrier pidgeons next .I cant understand that wednedays sample was clear But Hospital apparently not and if the surgery had contacted me yesterday i could be on second day of Abs this is one of the problems some of us get not getting Meds on time ?If it hadnt been for the fact that i was waiting for one of the Items would not have it till next week appauling .I agree that a lot of problems caused by poor communication and we Both know the outcome of that hope you getting used to your oxygen love Margaret xx

I think the whole infection/sputum sample/infection site issue makes the whole thing more complicated (according to my Respiratory Nurse, anyway). This is how I understand it.

When we cough up sputum, we don't know where it has come from in our lungs, left side or right side, or upper airways, or lower airways. Sputum samples may not contain, or be from, the same infection site. Which may go some way to explain why sometimes a specific sputum sample is clear, but we are still running a temperature, as we have not managed to cough up sputum from the infection site which is causing the lung inflammation. Clear as mud so far?

As well as the Sputum results, the Respiratory Nurse asks questions about how bad I feel, takes my temperature, listens to my chest for signs of infections such as crackles, asks me if I am managing to clear the mucus, drinking plenty of fluids to thin the mucus, and together we do everything in our power to clear the infected sputum, wherever it comes from. We also keep a note of the bacteria where identified, and which antibiotic was given, and which worked, if more than one antibiotic course necessary. (These details have only started coming to me in the last 4 years, and often have to ask for them, as it is not automatic).

In our lungs there are many many different types of bacteria, many of which don't bother us, our natural Immunity dealing with them. Some of them, once they get to a certain number really do cause us problems, and often take more than one course of antibiotic to get rid of, or if not possible, at least reduce the numbers down so that they are not causing any inflammation.

Does any of that make sense?

Thanks very much for the information I Dont have a respiroty nurse Have just got matron Back But it will be a fortnight since i seen her when she comes on wednesday. I will only have her for a few weeks then be signed off the Books one of the problems of being hospitalised is that you loose the matron if you have been in for 3days which puts any progress you may have had in your treatment on the Back Burner its like the oxygen nurse Because I have had so many infections i have not seen her since june and i m still getting readings of O 2. In the 60s This rotten disease. Has taken. My life away Best wishes M

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