well had to go to the docs today my chest is really bunged up again, anyway I came away with another round of amoxicillin a lab form and sample pot, this may be down to the nurse's activity this week but the manager has told me we are not using that agency again. We held an open day and recruitment drive yesterday we had one interested caring seems a dying art these days.

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One person? That's unbelievable!

not really the infamous Tesco would do better

Glad to see you got some meds Ant and hope they sort you out,So long as carers receive next to minimum wages for a tough job there are not going to be many applicants i fear..........skis and scruff

Totally agree skis it's not the best job in the world and the money is rubbish no appreciation from management x

up to yesterday, we had 4-5 ready to leave Katherine the manager managed to negotiate a hefty pay rise with HQ for them so no leaving the 5th one was only a change in position she will go from a carer to cleaner as she needs more time with her son.

What are abs

sorry they are antibiotics

Oh thank u fought it was abs belly abs x


Sorry to hear of your continued problems, I found that amoxicillin had no real effect. What I do find far better is Clarithromycin with 6/8 Prednisilone tablets, it seems more targeted to the chest problem. Far better than Amoxicillin which I find is a waste of space. Then try your G.P for some Carbocisteine which helps to get the mucus up and therefore keep the chest clearer from infection. Talk it thro' with your G.P.

Good luck


my GP would only send me to A&E for anything like that but I admit they work my muscadine has been reduced as it was causing tummy trouble he has me on a saline neb which gets up the gunge

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