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Change of Medicine

Hi everyone wonder if anyone has any advice what I should do.

I have COPD and been taking Spiriva 18 mg capsules together with Salbutamol for around 2 years. No problems with either and am used to them.

I have just collected my 2 month repeat prescription and see that they have given me Braltus tiotropium instead. My query is that Spriva was 18 mg. and these are only 10 mg so to me as a complete layman(woman) they are only half the strength or am I looking at it wrong. I am also online at the doctors practice and see that the drs have change it to 10 mg.


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It’s correct 10 it works the same as 20 I was given leaflet explaining this and you should have one


Thanks for that newlands -I have reread the leaflet inside the box but it doesnt say anything and didnt receive any separate leaflet. At least your reply has put my mind at rest - thanks again - brilliant website for instant answers.


I asked the same questions an the answer I were given was that half the amount but twice the strength. I've found it a little bit odd bcos it's less powder u r inhaling but u get the same effect. Don't b worrying it's all good I've been on this new1 about 1yr now.



Thanks everyone for your replies. Feel happier now that I understand it.


I was simply informed in a curt note from the practice that Spiriva - which was brilliant - has been replaced by Braltus - which, in my case at least, is rubbish. Cost-cutting at the expense of vulnerable patients. I gave it three days and dumped it as I did with Spialto Respimat. If you live in Wales you get free prescriptions but not much point if they only prescribe inferior medication.

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