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Need help with unexplained breathing issues and rib pain please!!

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In October of last year I over dosed on a pain killer called excedrin. its mainly used for head aches. I was in an icu for 24 hours and was ok but after that I has extreme rib pain only on my right side and chest pain that feels like my heart is bet stabbed. That pain radiated from the middle of my chest into my right arm. the rib pain wraps around from the middle go my spine to the middle of my sternum. My right ribs where out of joint for about 6 months and then where pushed back only intensifying the pain. Ive had difficulty breathing. I just always feel like I never get enough air. I took a methacoline test and failed on the third level was diagnosed with asthma and was given inhalers that did not help at all. Ive had X rays, chest CT, MRI, EKG and everything been normal. I can barely function and my parents don't believe me since everythings normal. Im desperate for some type of answer so I don't feel crazy.

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Welcome eetanzo 😉to the forum here.

My partner had the same issues couple years back. He had an accident and dislocated his rib

He was in terrible pain and no one seems to help him and he lived for a year on painkillers.

Till a friend of his mentioned he should go and visit a chiropractor. So he arranged an appointment. The first time was very painful because he helped him to straighten his muscles, he done this 3 times a week and after 2 months time he was painless. The Chiropractor told him to do his training once a week and the pain never came back.

I don't know if it will give you help in your case, but it's worth a try to maybe visit a chiropractor. Never give up to get help when you are been in so much pain.

I wish you all the best that you getting better again!! 😉🌹🌹🌹

Hi, eetanzo . In a similar vein to MELNEL , may I suggest you see a registered osteopath. When I was having a lot of rib pain my osteopath did some manipulations and showed me how to exercise and move the muscles to reduce the pain.

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Pinky2017 in reply to Ergendl

Very good advice ,and a chiropractor who does acupuncture might help

Hello eetanzo. Do tell us a little more. Are your parents generally supportive? How old are you? Do you have any other health issues?

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