Hernie's Party

Hernie's Party

Well tis the night before the knife and i must go to bed early to arise at an unearthly hour of 06.00 to be at the party by 07.30. the invitation mentioned bringing pyjama's and made no mention of what tipple i should take only to rule out alcohol or tobacco products,I fear this is not going to be the most stimulating of parties.

In order to make sure of decent accommodation i will be smuggling in my own secret concoction of mrsa and declare myself infected thus nabbing a side ward and personal service to avoid infecting others.

Bring something to read they say? what should i take 'Hernia surgeons weekly'journey to the centre ( bowels) of the earth' by Jules Verne or perhaps 'george's marvelous medicine' by Rohald Dahl to be read whilst numbed from the waist down,i will not even feel my chuckles as Dr doom slices away.

Oh i forgot to mention that on hearing the name of my surgeon i googled him,as we all do,and lo and behold he was one of only 20 consultant surgeons in the whole of the UK who refused to reveal his mortality rates after surgery,fortunately that was under his vascular speciality and not his bog standard stuff so if he misses my artery's i am quids in for survival.

Scruffy cat will be smuggled in a secret compartment of my portable concentrator and can quietly hide in the nurses rest room where i am sure she will receive more attention than many of the patients. Hopefully the unplanned sleep in will be cancelled and i will be paroled on the day to return to my humble abode and raise a glass or two of vino to Hernie my dear departed friend and of course to my dear chums on this site who raise my spirits as much as the vino does.

Hoping all our Irish chums have survived the storm and any others affected.love and best wishes Skis and Scruffy the unherniated cat

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Good luck skis - will be thinking of you, and Scruffy secreted in the nurses restroom. Let us know how you got on so we can also raise a glass to your dear departed friend. :) :)

Thank you O2trees please put the bubbly on ice awaiting our return xx

Will do skis xx

Thinking of you skis and hoping all goes well during the demise of Hernie. I’m sure Scruffy will be on her best behaviour......at least l hope so!

Thinking of everyone caught up in storm Ophelia. Hope all are safe. Xxxxxx

thanks sassy,you and pete hunker down it's getting windy xx

Will do skis. Take care xxxx

Ophelia is brewing up now the trees are active and clouds are swirling like mad we are not far from Ireland so it will hit us how much? but they have closed of the coast road already

Bless you Anthony, take care. Xxxxx

it is skiis living of the Irish sea is no fun

Hope you sleep well and hope you get a early pass tomorrow 😷

Thanks time2 i'm outta there pronto not keen on hospital motels x

Worst thing ever an itchy nose when a mask has been donned I won't miss you at all I won't wish you good luck I won't send healing powers....cause you are going to be just fine and well lol xx

Angie babe,you are my official photographer, now go grab your gear and get on the set lol x

Climbing on the bike be there in a few hours get ready with pouty lips and hd eyebrows want your best side lol xx

i don't have a good side though some say i have a bottom to die for lol x

And the some being lol x

me.cos i often talk out of it,in the past it was well revered by those with taste lolx

Sleep well and I hope it all goes like a dream tomorrow!


Thanks M love a good dream xx

Lucks on your side

Rosie you are a positive petal,thanks x

Good luck Skis, not that you need it as I'm sure scruffy will be very feral if they mistreat you xx

cupcakes scruffy can be very feral to me if she does not get her own way xcheers

wishing you well for tomorrow.


Thank you C i will do my best not to let my dodgy lung friends down xx

Here (nie) today, Gone tomorrow.

Best wishes .

Knitter here's hoping it will be well and truly unravelled,thank you x

We shall be thinking of you and wishing you well (regardless of what Angie says, so will she), and waiting to hear from you on your return. Hope you won't have to be confined overnight 'cos I'm sure scruffy would much rather be in familiar surroundings. Say cheerio to hernie, give scruffs a cuddle from me, get a good nights sleep and look forward to looking back on tomorrow in comfort. Magpuss and lapcat 😊😺

Magpuss forever the darling with the words of comfort,even Scruffy stayed still for 5 mins as you know she always leaps to attention when you call.Cuddles and treats for lapcat too xx

Awwwww magpuss you have uncovered my softer side lol oofffttt xxx

not to worry skis I'll have a double G&T tonight one for you one for me as for the reading material not sure if Coma is still in print? All about going under the gas and having my favourite pumped into you halfway through leaving you in a coma, by the way, I patented MRSA as a means of getting my own room last time it was a whole ward and my own key to the executive loo. Hope all goes well and scruffy enjoys her trip out.

Ant and Dozy Misty

Ant you have risen highly in respect for your mischievous activities,one of those forbidden g&t's has already inspected the insides of my esophagus for medicinal purposes of course and i shall probably settle for the movie 'cocoon' as i feel a need for rejuvenation right now.cheers xx

Good luck Skis, sleep well and try to relax. Let us know how you get on. Sending you and The Scruffster big hugs xxoo

Thank you my dear and give your lovely girls big hugs too xxskis and scruff

Wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow skis. Hope that all goes well for you. XXX

thank you Pam,i am sure all will be fine and i will be home alone without my hernie friend,x

All the best for tomorrow. I haven't been here much recently, very busy with the play. It will be fine. My BB has seen off two Hernies. All decently tucked away behind mesh.


Kate xx

thank you Kate,i am looking forward to being the owner of some new'mesh curtains'.good luck with the play at the weekend i am sure it will be well received.love and best wishes skis and scruffy xx

Hey good luck!! And take care after!! Take it easy!! And say goodbye to Herbie 😁🌹❣️🌹❣️🌹

Thank you mel hernie will get no nice send of from me,just a good riddance x.......skis and scruff

All the best for tomorrow x

thank you Sandy,have a good tomorrow yourself xx..............skis and scruff

Wishing you well for tomorrow will be thinking of you and look forward to your updates xx

Thank you for positive words from a posative person xx...........skis and scruff

You'll be out again before you know it :)

you are dead right moogle somebody has to come back and annoy everyone lol xlove skis and scruff

Hope all goes well and you never have trouble with Hernie again. Definitely not the kind of friend you need xx

thank you Carnival hernie will be banished forever,then we can finally start some PR...................skis and scruffy xx

Hope all goes well for you tomorrow I'm sure you will be glad to say goodbye to Hernie and you will feel all the better for it ( should say without it) and rest assured scruffy will be there rooting for you.

Peg xxxx

thank you peg,scruffy will have to get used to a more mobile me thankfully...........skis and soon to be exercised cat x

Good luck Skis, hope everything goes smoothly for you xx

thanks Casper onwards and upwards go we............skis and scruffy x

Strong and quick recov my friend. I shall keep close study on our site for word of hernie's demise. Toss him to Ophelia.

good luck with the op ski. no going into the gym the next day, take is easy for a couple of days. I am sure being you are a man you will know how to milk it well. scruffy will show you how if not. cheers.

thanks but it all failed to happen.oh well next time.xx


forgot to add. I hope you did not strangle hernia! cheers

Hope it's going well today.

er not quite lolxx thanks anyway.........skis and scruff and hernie x

Hope all went as planned Skis and scruffy managed without you for a while :-) rest up and take life easy xxxx

thanks but we are all back home now,nothing doing lol x

Good luck! xx Moy

Wishing you all the best for your surgery and a speedy recovery so you can get back to scruffy the cat and a large glass of vino !!! Will miss your banter whilst your in surgery so hurry up and get back to us ... take care sending a hug too 😘

amanda i will have that large glass of vino but still sharing it with hernie oh dear lol xthanks anyway

Oh no nightmare !! That’s awful hope you get fitted into the nhs hotel reallly soon ... no doubt Scruffy will be pleased though , cuddles and that vino tonight PURRFECT !!

several vino's tonight my love to cheer me up a bit.thanks for the cuddles scruffy can have second helpings lol xx

You must be really fed up !! Have a few and sleep well 💤 😜

no sooner said than done my love.hic xx

So sorry to hear that your reserved seat failed to materialise. I do hope there was nothing seriously wrong and that you don't have to wait too long for the next performance. I'm sure scruffy will be happier snuggled up rather than vibrating with the portable concentrator - would have played havoc with her hair do! Take care xx

thank you my friend,hernie and scruffy are well snuggled up and awaiting with interest part 2 of this silly saga lol xx

A, so sorry to have missed this thread and the whole event. I can't even read it now because I have to go. But know I'm with you there in spirit. Good luck !

good to hear you are safe and sound BJ xx

Well I hope that your hernia is fixed! I will cat sit scruffy, toss her on the plane

Lindy read part two and you can have hernie and scruffy first class lol xx

Hope you’re sorted soon Hernie just doesn’t want to leave you!

Hernie's options are fast running out,though at this rate he may go by diy means......regards and thanks skis x

Have you had hernie fixed? Are you and Scruffy having a little cuddle now? Glad your still in the land of the living ☺

My lovely lady there is a part 2 to this story,in a nutshell and as titled it is hernie 1 skis 0.so i am home and not alone..............love and best wishes skis,scruff and hernie x

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