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stormy 'Phelia

I send all of you in stormy path the best of wishes. May this foul flying lady of the seas be full of mercy or simply dissipate in the northern ponds. I have never cared of any weather outside of my own small bubble of existence until I discovered this wonderful site. Now I check daily thanks to the wonderful internet.

A bad coughing bit today. You know the kind that begins battering around when the weather gets cooler. Cool being relative in nature, considering my 30*C going to 14*C being a cold front. Needless to say I have a sore throat brought about by cough. We in the states have also been dealing with a new form of storm, the horrendous Vegas incident. Prayers needed unless you are a well to do Las Vegas attorney. Everyone is suing everyone else without realizing it will not change what was. Sue the police for not responding in under 3 minutes- 4 is unacceptable, sue the paramedics for not driving fast enough through the crowds of injured, sue the guard shot for not guarding himself, sue the casinos and convenience stores, the priests and rabbis for not interceding with more vim and vigor. Don't miss the nurses on break and the nurses on leave, and the doctor failing at life saving and the airline pilot and neighbor. It is time to blame till one has won one mill. But change facts to protect oneself from counter suit.

"... heard screaming in the hotel at 9:50."

"Did you call police"

"No, I thought it was wild love rather than bleeding guard.

"Then I must sue you."

"Oh, forgive me, I heard it at 10:19, and shooting began at 10:20."

"Then we must sue the clock maker, and sue you for looking at the clock rather than seeking help."

"Ah, come to think of it I wasn't even in Las V. I thought you meant 'lost vegans', a nice diner in Cleveland I was visiting.

" Then the airlines..."

"But wait! The pilot was with the nurse on break..."


You get the drill. So throat and all I feel very fortunate and sane. Stay dry my friends and family. Stay safe and when it passes please love yourselves and others...and please don't sue.


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Prayers for you, mellyme, for Vegas, and for all in the path of the storm.

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You take care and stay safe and well. Thinking of everyone caught up in storms and troubled times.

Hugs to all xxxxx


Excellent observation of a litigation obsessed society where if it hurts-sue is the name of the game.Unfortunately it is becoming all to familiar this side of the pond and many people are already working out ways of how to defraud the state after recent tragedys with total disregard to the genuine suffering of the real victims.Rant over.

Well mr melley i hope your sore throat diminishes rapidly in order for you to enjoy a sumptuous North Carolina breakfast in your normally warm neck of the woods and that the hounds have been walked to satisfaction..................skis and a lazy cat x


I thank you. Here's to healing (to the best of our ability) on both sides of the pond.


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