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Push Doctor & Juicy Lung's / Hyaluronan Review Enquary

Well made my appontmeant to seee virtual GP internet based push doctor given my Juicy Lung's & Hyaluronan Issues TALKED or WROTE about in previous post.

Anyway was quite painless GP consultation really.

But preperation is the key .. cost was not issue given expert second opinon on my Juicy Lung's & Hyaluronan Hemoptysis.

First thing in opening APP you are asked to enter details i.e name dob then postcode and asked to find your gp doctors pratice WELL i used my post code for my adress and just looked on MAP.

Painless THEN i went to virtual waiting room LIKE gosh this no escaping them :)

That was painless TOO so i waited 3 mins given alicated appontment time and sure enough poped up my doctor expert opinion :P

Uploading picture was pain AS did not know BUT found out IF when chating you click on TOP left of screen ON doctors profile YOU can upload pictures of issues ailmeants bits bobs that mught of fallen lose or fell off :P

Virtual GP was not inpressed with material been coughing up AND was even more shocked at black jelly like lung matrial i had coughed up.

He told me to go my GPs show them stuff and get letter for my lung doctor as waiting month is out of order fiven black jelly like mateial HE told me was old blood and put me at risk of infection's at very least.

And even if its nothing needs checking out by a specialist .. he said its not unknown to have cells in lung material coughed up but insisted it needs checking out to rule out more serious going on.

So am seeing my GP tommorow and geting my letter for lung doctor AS waiting a month given material coughed up is unacceptable and to long.

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Result JAS! I’ve seen the advert for push doctor and it’s good to hear of your experience. Let’s hope you get things sorted out now. Good luck. Xxxxx


Hi sassy this something's you wish would of never asked FELT quite ill after.

Must been WIFI as could not be me lol.

All week been at doc's SO feel vidacated and ill if that makes sence.

Cheers n thanks :)


I would Google the relevant information on the push doctor as the CQC have said they are not the safest route to go down in regarding people's health and disabilities sometimes better the devil you know ...and it's costing you as well


Hi Even tho i agree i was after setting agenda of consultaion.

And the are doctors LAST time i seen my GP he said all was fine and would not give me antibiotcs NEVER even looked at stuff that been giving me hell.

Push doctor said the should check it out and be tad more intreted.

I think us lung dieased suffer from palative treatment AND not active.

Doctors should check Hyaluronan as levals that very are linked to proly managed lung disease

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Mainly iv just heard of it being linked to liver disease. Although it's contained in every cell in the dermal and epidermal layers . Maybe you should enquire at your own doctors as to any tests they have for the balance of HA in your system

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Hyaluronan injections | Arthritis Research UK


Hyaluronan injections are used to treat osteoarthritis. In this section we explain how hyaluronan injections work, what you should expect when you have them ...

ok if you have dodgy joints?

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I would not touch the stuff myself is very dodgy and its use has high mortality rate

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As lung dieased don't think we should have too.

Go's to show how intreted doctors really are


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