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walking companion good for the lungs

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So I honor this beast, one of 3 actually, known for walking his person up and down the street at all hours of day, night, and storm. Appropriate considering his name of Boomer. Dedicated to me when I least want to exercise, this one-eyed mongrel hound of 14 years forces me up the street and down the street as I do my in 1x and out 4. Of course I forget my breathing count when the old boy barks at passing dogs when he forgets being too old to do much. Poor but happy Boom lost an eye when young and unadopted to a crud of a being who found it fun to abuse said listed pup. So I forgive the hound when he barks louder than I can possibly explain, quaking the house and neighboring abodes. He pulls me when I lollygag, and I in turn jerk him away from the blind-side trees and car fenders and my knee. He is rather large so walking him at night is a safe experience, though he could barely see any oncoming danger and old boys nasal passages are weak,but say to you all, if needed, seek and find and rescue a beast abused or not, and walk with joy. And most importantly, ignore the incessant thunder-sounding bark and realize you too would yowl if someone plucked with spoon a visionary orb from the skull. But should you fret for this dog's comfort rest assured he is fit and happy. A student of mine, a youngster with autism visiting my home this summer, decided to test the socket. Fret not, Boomer simply wagged as young vermin child placed forefinger in socket, to the knuckle. The boy told me it was dry and crunchy inside (bark-like if you will) and Boom never flinched. My walking exercise beast is truly a breath of fresh air.

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Well done you for adopting him. He sounds a lovely dog despite what he's been through,and obviously very good company for you.

What a wonderful dog and great he is in your life. You keep each other going. Xxxxxx

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What a beautiful boomer he is ...love dogs and I look after them regular though I would never own another one ....keep trudging with them and the stairs lol xxx

Thank you for saving this lovely dog and may the guilty party rot in hell or worse, I have two rescues not been abused just not wanted how sad is that.

What a wonderful dog and such a great companion. Thanks for caring for him and may you both trudge the streets for a long time.

we will indeed trudge the road of happy destiny.

Melley Boomer needs a dark patch over the missing eye which will make him super cool to other dogs,who will give up their own treats in his honour and make him leader of the pack.

unfortunately you will then acquire more hounds than an army of dog walkers could satisfy so i suggest in the interests of international friendship you also adopt a scruffy cat as a companion for boomer.She comes with only small piles of unpleasantness but would bring such harmony into your life and save me a fortune in posh cat food and kitchen wipes.Sleep well my exhausted dog warden....................skis and Top cat

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mellyme in reply to skischool

And Boomer would dearly enjoy the feline companionship though I fear the other two hounds, namely one named Luna, have criminally minded wolf mentality. True Scruff would mark a nose or two, but eventually would have to flee and return to her charming posh food and true football teams. BTW, Boomer is a true blue Chelsea fan, constantly blinking and barking while watching.

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skischool in reply to mellyme

Much the same as me then,alas no amount of blinking or barking improves my teams current form and i fear they are going to the dogs so to speak.The constantly demanding cat is staring into my eyes as i type so off to the kitchen we both do plod in search of more feline delights................skis and scruff

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mellyme in reply to skischool

And BTW, I did give Boom a patch some months back, but his two cohorts assumed he was showing off, and yipped and growled till I removed such accouterments. Those two cohorts are also fond of stealing his treats if he is not doubly cautious.

Ha ha. Yes a patch! Aye matie

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gorgeous dog x

mellyme, Boomer is absolutely wonderful and i could do with him to rouse me to walk more! Please keep the stories coming as they are very enjoyable! Made my day!

Thank you,


But enjoyment is the mirror of the beholder. Thank and bless you. :)

Oh my God why would someone do that to a creature ... and so handsome of a dog! There are sick ones out there it makes you wonder if they've graduated to humans now.

Yes rescue a pet they love you forever and fhey are so grateful! They know!

And I honor you forever for your kindness. :)

Boomer sounds like a great friend. And, he looks very friendly and handsome. Enjoy your walks!!



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mellyme in reply to megshafer

thank you, dear megs

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