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Long running chest infection

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Hi I’m just trying to get some help I’ve had asthma since childhood I’m now 50 I have been

Struggling with a bad chest infection for a few months my gp has given me two courses of amoxicillin two lots of prednisolone and now a two week corse of doxycycline I’m so tired all the time my chest hurts when I breath in I’m at my wits end I feel like my gp Is not doing his job after asking for a sputum test since March I had one last week and it showed up streptococcus sorry I’m gong on and on it’s just worrying about it

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Feel for you Dave, I would phone the BLf helpline on Monday and see what they say. Hope the Doxy works for you though. Maybe ask your doctor which strep you have. some info here:



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Dave6 in reply to Bkin

Thanks Bkin iwill do that on Monday its good to find somewhere to get some advice

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mrsmummy in reply to Dave6

The Helpline number is 03000 030 555. Welcome to the forum. :)

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Dave6 in reply to mrsmummy


Last bronchitis it took me 5 lots of antibiotics and steroids and nebuliser..Doxycyclin usually works for me. I hope it kills that bug for you but you need to rest..a lot..I got told off because I sort of carried on the best I could..Drink a lot and rest a lot! Take care x

I believe that Doxycycline is double the strength of Amoxicillin, it is what is in my emergency pack.

I don't think you can copare the 2 antibiotics from the point of view of strength. They are from 2 different groups. Doxycyline - tetracycline group and amoxil - penicillin.


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Dave6 in reply to cofdrop-UK

Thanks a lot guys I feel a lot moor confident now I’ve found this site.

Wish I’d found you all sooner I’m not as worried as I was good to no I’m not the only one

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oulpete in reply to Dave6

Dave, I too used to get chest infections continuously and was given the same steroids and amoxicillin as you. I have COPD for around 10 yrs and a smoker for 50. Quit those 2yrs ago and feel better for doing so. I also have arthritis and joint pain but discovered turmeric and a Facebook page "turmeric support group" check it out but the biggest side effect is, as turmeric is an anti inflammatory,and since taking it my chest infections have gone not one all last winter and none since. Think about it and maybe try it out, if it does you no good it will do you no harm! Good luck!

Update chest infection back with avengance coughing so much last night it feels like I’ve broke a rib getting worried now the doxycycline has not worked I’m so tired all the time now

Gp is as fast as a glacier no appointments for two weeks

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Hanne62 in reply to Dave6

Don't put up with this, Dave. All GPs have emergency appointments & if you feel your infection is no better after 4 weeks of antibiotics, that's an emergency. Phone on Monday and insist on seeing someone. Amoxicillin is usually preferable to doxycycline for a strep infection, but your GP has the result of your sputum sample & this will tell them exactly which antibiotic is best for you.

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Dave6 in reply to Hanne62

Thanks I’ve already had two lots of amoxicillin two lots of steroids and a two week cours of doxiecycline he did say there was one more that might work I’ll try to get an emergency appointment on Monday like you say just need to get past the receptionist

She just looks at the screen in front of her and shakes her head

hi guys my gp has put me on moor antibiotics this is the forth clarithromycin 500mg the bitter taste is awful has anyone else had this

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Hanne62 in reply to Dave6

Yes they do have a bitter taste, some people notice it more than others. A relative of mine who’s on them was complaining about it to me the other day! Has your gp sent a sputum sample off yet?

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Dave6 in reply to Hanne62

Yes I did a second one before this antibiotic the first sputum had streptococcus in it

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Sandyblues in reply to Dave6

Saw your old post about bitter taste of clarithromycinIve also experienced this with itchy arms as well?Not sure it this was allergy but I finished them now.Take care and be well Sandieb

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