I am 61, married, 4 offspring and 7 grandchildren. I have severe emphysema and am a CO2 retainer.

I have always suffered infections after colds and had been reporting breathlessness for 5 years. As I had Breast Cancer this led to 2 further oncology referrals which were clear but nothing else. After 2 infections in 2 months and 4 hospital stays I learn I have COPD, that I am Stage 4, that I am unable to continue with my job. I was shell shocked.

Now on ambulatory O2 and 15 hours oxygen therapy. I am nervous of this though because of the CO2 retention though. Pulmonary Rehab starts in Nov.

Looking forward to learning more.

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  • Welcome to the site you will enjoy the pulmonary rehabilitation class ..i loved mine enjoy the group and good luck xxxx

  • Welcome to you. Xxx

  • Hello KatenQ,

    It's nice to meet you and welcome to the site. Sorry that you've found yourself in the position you're in. A bit of a body-blow to say the least and I'm not surprised you're shell shocked.

    Just wanted to say that I'm in a very similar situation to yours, including the breast cancer. And I'm a little further down the line, and now not needing oxygen. So there are ways that things can get better!!

    I'm very happy to chat any time, and to answer your questions if I can. There are lots of people here who can give you help and support.

    Take care, Sue x

  • Shell shocked, yes a good term to describe to how you must feel. I/We have also been there when first diagnosed, not a good place to be in. You will be able to cope with it you are now surrounded by people who live with lung disease and can give you many tips on how to cope with this. Remember that it is not a death sentence, with a change in lifestyle you can have many years of life before you.

  • Hello and welcome to the group. I hope that you will benefit from the experience of other group members. It's good to see that you're signed up for pulmonary helped me a lot.

    Take care

    Pam XXX

  • Welcome to the group xx

  • Welcome to this friendly site i also have severe emphysema and a co2 retainer i was shocked when i found myself on oxygen xmas last year it is good to have somewhere to get support and advice and likewise return the favour take care x

  • Welcome to the group , it is a shock to us all when we get told the news but you will get all the help and advice you need they are a friendly bunch on here willing to help with the knowledge they have , I’m still new to all this too but my advice is continue the healthy eating and excercise and take each day as it comes and enjoy those wee grandchildren, hugs from Amanda x

  • A very warm welcome to the site! You'll learn everything you need to know on here. I've found it brilliant.

    I now have 'very' severe emphysema and on O2 overnight and when walking and honestly it's not as bad as I thought it would be. We learn quickly how to adjust and I'm sure you'll get all the support you need here. No doubt Pulmonary Rehab will advise on how to handle your CO2 retention too.

    Best wishes! Michelle x

  • Hello KahrenQ and welcome.

    It is nice that you are here but not why you are here. Please rest assured you will get lots of support here. Hoping to hear more about you and your condition soon.

    Best wishes.

    Cas xx 💐

  • Welcome from skis and scruffy cat,nothing to add to already very wise comments so just to say hello and come on in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,skis x

  • Welcome KahrenQ,

    You will be so well informed on here, it's a great site. xxx

  • Hi Again Kahren, We are very near the same Diagnosis. Although I am waiting Double Lung Transplant.

    I start my PR after I have my Assessment on the 2nd Nov., it will be my 4th Session,( in 3 Years), It is excellent . I also go to Breathe Easy Class Monday and the Gym Wednesday...My Oxy goes with me everywhere, I'm on minimum 16 hours, sometime it could be 20 hours, I've learnt how my Body and Meds, Oxy work together... I had to give up work 2 years ago, although I was a fit Senior. I'm 65 now, 5 Grandchildren,1 Great. Just keeping my Fingers crossed that I get the Gift of Life before the Use By date expires.Ha Ha...I have so much planned and not Ready to give in without a Good fight...Look after Yourself Kahren, we are all here for you.. Carolina XXX

  • Thank you. Helps to know I am not alone.

  • Hi, me too severe emphysema was on oxygen 15 hrs plus ambulatory been off it 18 months now so persevere with it and enjoy pulmonary rehab :)

  • Wow I had been told I was likely to remain on it. Nice to hear of someone coming off it!

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