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The start of lung cancer


My husband has been taken to hospital with pneumonia and then cancer is it possible he started this when he went a bit delirious a week or so ago, nobody asked me, but found it on line. Now they say they can't diagnose which cancer it is to treat him. Any clues would help in this waiting game. Marie22

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Hi i guess the talking about fungus infection.

Have read doctors can't define cancer from fungus infection SO guess going to try antibiotics see if it moves.

Its all very confusing but was reading about squamous cells and fungus.

Hopfully its just infection the can get on top of

Marie22 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for your reply, will look up this fungus stuff, husband is much better, but hasn't got another appointment until December, he has stopped loosing weight, and is a lot better. Hope to see our own Dr and see what he knows. Sorry for being a bit muddled not managing this iPad very well

Clarkes99soe in reply to Marie22

Hi my dad was took in month ago as had fluid plural effusion and they found rogue cancer cells in his fluid 2nd lot off fluid first was clear , his bloods was clear, his liver and has had bowel and prostrate checked all clear, had a bronschope last week the lady said looked good, also no tumour found , 6 ct scans, ultrasounds X-rays , does this sound like your husbands diagnosis ?

Marie22 in reply to Clarkes99soe

No, my husband has been diagnosed now and will be having radiotherapy on Wednesday for lung cancer. Taken 6 months, been a long time.

Thanks clarks99

Hi, Jeffajax has a point. A couple of years ago it was suspected I had the aspergillis fungus in my lungs. I was warned by a medic that if I had a diagnosis of cancer not to panic because as patches of aspergillis and cancer look very similar on a scan. I don't know if this is 100% correct (none of us are doctors here, just patients) but this is what I was told. Aspergillosis it is managed with antifungals. The treatments for cancer have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years but there are loads of other lung issues too.

This doesn't help your waiting, I'm so sorry. I hope you've got close friends and family to support you both, I'm sure your husband is scared too. All the best to you. P

Marie22 in reply to peege

Thanks peege husband is more active now and hopefully getting better.

Marie22 in reply to peege


Back in April my husband went into hospital with suspected Phumonia he died nine weeks later death certificate said lung cancer nothing about Phumonia

Hope all goes well with you both



Marie22 in reply to Valshilling

Thanks Val for your input, sorry about you husband but it is all good information, which is what I wanted. Xxx Marie

Dads finally diagnosed early stage lung cancer no tumour x

Marie22 in reply to Clarkes99soe

Hello Clarkes99soe

Well at least they have cought it early and can work on it. From what I have read, it is difficult diagnose it early as in my husband's case. He is now having radiotherapy, finish on Friday 9th ma

Marie22 in reply to Marie22

Sorry I lost it, will let you know the results, but at the moment he is doing ok

Hi Marie I myself was diagnosed with peuniomia it showed up in my left lung I then had a C T scan was then told that i had a tumour ..they did a biopsy and a pet scan..2 weeks later I saw the Doctor he told me that that they didn't find any cancer cells and the tumour had actually shrunk. I was extremely happy as the waiting was so stressful..he then said that I'm not quite out of the woods yet but is hopeful .I have to go for another scan in 4 weeks to see if the thing has shrunk even more. I hope your husband gets the right treatment stay positive Marie xxx John.

Marie22 in reply to Cullis

Thanks for that, just go for anything they offer, will update after we have seen the Dr. In charge of the radiotherapy, on Friday

Good luck with results x

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