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Bit of a rant today.....

As a teacher I have to teach 'the whole child'.

When is someone in the medical profession going to see me as a person and not a series of baffling conditions?!!!

Having been rejected for a lung transplant due to problems with my oesophagus I would have thought I'd see someone concerning this!!! No!!! I was given some tablets that I can't have due to being on Citlopram which I have to have due to my anxiety that was brought on by illness and accentuated by prednisone!!!

2 weeks ago I finally took my emergency medication as I had a cough, trip to the doctor - to see locum - peak flow checked- low!!! SATs ok!!! You've not got a chest infection but maybe you'd benefit from some steroids!!!!! What the steroids that don't work apart from increasing my anxiety!!!

So, I still have my cough.... appointment with rheumotology department yesterday- latest prognosis I'm suffering from severe reflux which would explain my cough, voice and distended stomach!!!! So new medications to take......


And don't even start me on the mystery of why I have trouble walking more than a 100 m even indoors without getting tight in my chest yet I can march and even jog on the spot!!!!

Thank you to anyone who reads my rant 😃

In the meantime one foot in front of the other.....

Wishing you all a good day xx

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Morning Lynne, life can be frustrating and if you have health problems, even more so.

Pete takes so many pills he rattles! Steroids can be a saviour and a curse, considered by many to be a necessary evil.

I do wish you well and hope the reflux eases as that’s not nice at all.

It’s good to have a rant sometimes. Xxx 😀

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Morning it's difficult really when being in the medical profession trying to look at the person as a whole as there's so many areas and conditions and there isn't one person qualified in every condition that we have ...thats why so many referrals to different areas to solve health issues ... On the flip side you teach and see your children daily...medical professionals are short lived for time on appointments with the overload and pressure to keep up with influx...i hope you feel better soon and get some resolve in your situation good luck xxxx

I so agree with what should be so obvious - treat the whole person not just one symptom at a time, and medication that will react to the other illnesses and medication!

I have searched for a doctor who believes in the holistic approach in my area, or at least within reasonable travelling luck so far. I did have one though, prior to my moving home. Fantastic!

No 10 min time limit for him. And he would ask, when I explained what was wrong, if I was experiencing 'this or that' as well. My current surgery has signs pinned up all around, stating - 'one appointment. one illness. one patient.'

good luck with finding help with all that ails you.

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jackdup in reply to Ktomoph_

That is so stupid. Imagine taking your car to the garage and telling them your brakes don't work, the steering is shot, the muffler is bad and the car won't start and they tell you sorry you have to pick one as we won't fix them all.

Then if you consider that sometimes one thing may be related to another so without considering all the symptoms you could easily overlook the real cause of the problems.

I so agree with you! Whatever happened to holistic care? All the best, and keep stamping! xx

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