good news day

hi all just thught you all like to hear some good news well it like this in june i had a Blood gas test and my results was 76 so they tell me that was boardline had a other test in aug and it was down at 73 so they said with that i would have too have oxygen for 16 hours a day but as we was having our bedroom done i ask if they could test me again in oct so if i do need the oxygen our bedroom would be all done so when back yesterday for my blood gas test and it came in at 77 so no oxygen for 16 hours day so have to had a other test in jan now so there is always good news sometime if you have what we all have

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Good news indeed tiger, and long may that continue. Xxxxx

Yeah! Brilliant.


congrats in order tiger,long may you remain free of the extra oxygen,,,,,,,,,,,best wishes skis and scruffy xx

Great news, you must be delighted.

thank you all and i also do hope it keep going up

That is very good news and hopefully it will stay there or get better.

Good glad for you but I dont understand. Is it the higher the number the better and why. Could someone please explain. XX


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