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Had my appointment today consultant spoke about azithromycin he said he was thinking of putting me on it because of amount of infections i have had .But he said i need to be infection free before he puts me on them so waiting for results of sample I hope they are clear but i dont think it will be judging by colour ?When he looked through my notes he said i see you were last admitted with a water infection i dont know who wrote that but untrue what else have they put down thats wrong He said he wants to see me in a couple of weeks will send appointment I also had aECG whilst i was there i mentioned flu jab told him i hadnt been because of infection he said to leave it a couple of weeks after infection .


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54 Replies

  • I do hope things work out well for you Margaret, you deserve something to go right.

    Take care and best wishes to you.


  • Thank you sassy its time something went right i was dissapointed not to get tablets today xxxx

  • Never heard of them, azithromycin good for infections? And I guess only US not UK product? 😏 hope you will feel better soon again and wish you lots of luck!! 🌺🌹🌺

  • Wiki. Azithromycin was first made in 1980.[4] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.[5] It is available as a generic medication[6] and is sold under many trade names worldwide.

  • Lots of folk with COPD and bronchiectasis take azithromycin in the UK. Three times each week as a preventative against certain bacteria. I took it for five years. It was very effective at first but stopped working. Now that I have AF I couldn't take it anyway.

  • I had to give it up this summer too, LP. Had been on it daily for five years and for quite a long time I'd been feeling that it wasn't working anymore. But if I ever suggested giving it up, I was reminded that it was a valuable drug for protecting my lungs. Then this summer I developed Tinnitus - pure torture for a month - and was told 'give them up immediately. The evidence for them being effective after two years is questionable.'

    Hmm !

  • Yes have to agree there Bj.

  • I can ditto what you have said especially about the tinnitus.

  • Thanks for the information, I will find out more if I can get it. I never have heard of azithromycin

    But I guess it can be helpful for a certain amount of time.

    Thanks again!! 💮🏵️💮

  • Such a shame that a drug that could potentially be of benefit caused tinnitus my husband has tinnitus his was caused by his working enviroment and says uts torture 😷

  • I agree T2D but just want to stress that not everybody who takes it will get tinnitus. It's a known side effect but many proe never get it. I'd been taking Azithro five years before getting tinnitus and it cleared up within a few weeks of stopping the dose.

  • Hi. Bit worried now after reading your post. I've been on azithromycin for 5 weeks and seem better but I have AF which the consultant knew when he prescribed them. . What's the reason why you can't take them I hope my surgery haven't made a mistake by giving them me.

  • I think that you need to speak to your consultant. I also have dilated cardiomyopathy and take digoxyn which is not to be taken with azith.

  • I also have AF and was told I can't have azithromycin. xx Moy

  • It is a type of antibiotic known as a macrolide.

  • I dont know where they from but im in the uk just hope i get them take care

  • I have been on them for the last two years, I take one every day for nine months of the year. They have helped a lot.

  • I am hoping if i get them they will help me Best wishes

  • Im in london and have it 3 x a week. Prescribed by my consultant x

  • Zythromax

  • Is that same sort of Drug

  • The real name for it..I think it was a pack of 3 days once a day in the old days. I was put on clarithromycin for ages, hated it..another macrolide molecule. But if it keeps infections at bay..hope it works for you.

  • Hi, Many folks find Azithromycin used as a prophilactic ab i.e. 1 Mon, Wed, Fri or 1 every day helps to reduce their frequency of infections. I can't tolerate them but I hope they suit you well and you have fewer infections.


  • Thanks just hope. I get them and have chance to try out but knowing my luck wont work for me getting despondent x

  • TTD, azithromycin is freely available and almost everybody finds it helpful at least for a year or two.

  • Hope That consultant agrees to me having them anything to give me a reprieve from constant infections and hospital stays take care .

  • U have had constant infections this yeatchave just came out of hospital after low carbon dioxide levels virtually killed me the Drs called my family and ask I was to weak tok be put in an induced coma and nowhere near strong enough for a transplant. I battled througj and came home on fri. Im on azithromycin 33 x a week now. They said it was the infection tbat caused the carbon dioxide poisoning and i dont have to have the mask and machine at home as yet. Very thankful

  • I know what you mean about the mask I had type 2 respitary failure and was on the Mask through xmas. Iast year also when I started oxygen some xmas present lolHopethe Az works for us Both ...

  • I've taken them 3 times a week for about 5 years. They have really kept the infections down. The patient information leaflet in the early days said to take an hour before or after food. I found this very difficult and had side effects, but now I'm able to take them with food with fewer side effects. Had a short break in the summer but had to go back on them after a bad infection.

    Hopefully they will work for you too.

  • Thanks would have repled earlier but having problems with site keeps asking me to sign in .Im glad they worked for you shows they must work for you when you unfortunatley got a infection when taking a Break hope side effects not to bad take care .

  • Side effects not bad at all now. Fingers crossed you will be able to start on them soon.

    Take care.

  • Thank you sandy

  • Yes azithromycin 3 times a week I think as a preventer..take your probiotics!!

  • Thanks for the link .

  • Yes I have taken them for 3 years and have had no big side effects and they have cut down my infections but not all off them as they do not cover all bacteria. So about once every three months or so I have to use emergency abs for a couple/three weeks and up my preds for a while. Works ok at the moment.


  • Hope thet keep working for you and you get less infections keep well 😷

  • I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before but I was changed from doxycycline to azithromycin in August this year as a prophylactic. Prior to the change I had been coughing all day every day since July 2012 with lots of infections. I am now infection free for the first time in five years.

  • What a relief that must be for you all these infections wear you down dont they was told yesterday cant have flu jab till i been of antibiotics for a couple of weeks so hope dont catch it

  • I’ve been told I can’t have a flu jab at the moment because I had a steroid injection in my ankle last Monday!

  • Lets hope we dont catch the flu eh seems silly to me .

  • Indeed. Apparently there are supposed to be bad side effects from the jab this year.

  • One year i had a reaction my arm came up like a egg i went to see the practise nurse and she told me if it reached my elbow to go back it was a smidgen above

  • The first year I didn’t manage to avoid the nurse with the needle and had to have the jab, I came down with a different strain of the flu!

  • You cant win can. You have heard lots of people have had problems with flu jab over the years

  • I feel so much better now than I have done for a long time I’m tempted to avoid the flu jab for as long as I can.

  • Good to hear you feeling well its a tricky decision to make

  • It sounds like he's on the ball. I'm sure he will give them to you, anything to stop the constant infections. Keep your chin up x x x

  • Thanks shirley i o hope so and i get a relief from infections and hospital will have to wait till i see him again fingers crossed xx

  • Hi, I have asthma and kept getting regular infections until specialist put me on a low dose of azithromycin one tablet three times a week for the past five years. I still feel they are working for me and hope you’ll have reduced infections on them too, take care

  • Glad they are working for you hope i get the same relief fingers crossed he gives me themand dont have to wait to long or ill probally have another infection waiting for sputum result from wednesday. Best wishes

  • Just an afterthought you must take them with food otherwise you can or rather I did get tummy pain. Also if you do get an infection whilst on them , you come off them and use the antibiotic recommended by your doctor, then back on when infection clear.

  • Thanks hope have a rest from infections for agood while sometimes find it difficult to know whether got a infection or not .

  • Azithromycin for me gave me two years relief from chest infections it was great, sadly my liver didn't like it so I have had to come off it last October, have had several chest infections since. My consultant has now put me on a new drug to try hope it's as good. So good luck to you hope it works as well for you :)

  • Hope your new drug works for you I Have to wait for another appointment before i hopefully get it sorry reply late .Had a horrid night with wind howling and didnt go to hospice because i was so breathless and going out into wind wouldnt help unusual for me but i have slept since 8am till 3pm once again good luck with new meds 😷

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