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Hello! I am a new member too and finally plucked up the courage to post. It has been so helpful to realize that I am not alone out there as, although I was diagnosed with bronch in 2000, I have never met anyone with my condition and scarcely anyone who has heard of it either. I look forward to all your advice in the future and am grateful that this site exists.

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Welcome to the forum normannippy. :)


Welcome, Norman you are never alone on HU we are one big happy family that is growing day by day, So hop on leave your post or comment to a post we would love your interactions

normannippy in reply to Hidden

Thank you!

Hello normannippy . Welcome. Its lovely to have you here. xx 🍁

A very warm welcome to you normannippy.

Glad you have posted. Well you have met some folks with bronchiectasis now and we really understand what you will be going through and talking about. Ask anything you want - there will always be someone around to chat.

Look forward to more of your posts.


Hello Norman. A very warm welcome to the group. XXX

Hi and welcome Normannippy this a great forum x

Hi Normannippy welcome to the site, there arequiteafew members with youir illness so I am sure you will soon settle in.


Welcome to the forum, you will get advice & comparisons from the members.


Hello, Normannippy, welcome. A good bunch we have here (I speak for the others and not myself) and you will learn and receive good info, find peace and solace (redundant?), and simply laugh when you need it most. Be well, breathe well, stick around. We need you as much.

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