CT Scan 4

Got the results back today... n

ot good at all. Have to go in for bronchoscopy. It's my 3rd. One in 10 years. She worries about developing an infection and not being able to treat it due to all the anti-biotics they've perscribed over a 3 month period. Anyways...it is what it is. I have so much to be thankful for. Just have to keep my mind off the bad stuff! It's so easy to go there

I just paid 87.00 for 2 month supply of hypertonic saline. 😣 saline! As in water and salt! YIKES!!!


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  • My experience of doctors is THE full of it.

    As to antibiotics I too dread that day too .. but i was reading IT will be hpv virus that causes us bigger problems AND thats job for immunity doctors.

  • Hello Lindy-loo1949 .

    I am sorry to read that your results weren't the best. I have never had a bronchoscopy so I think you are very brave indeed. 👑

    You are right, despite all our trials we have bright little sparks of happiness here and there. I think they are what edges us on slowly but surely.

    Thinking of you.

    Cas xx 🌹

  • Thanks for your encouraging words 😊❤

  • Anytime 💜😘

  • Wishing you well stay positive and feel better soon xxx Angie

  • I'll try my best to stay positive...thank you.

  • Thinking of you Lindy-loo and hope things are not too bad. It is a worry though. Take care xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy

    I am not going to lie... it is a worry but we can only live one day at a time and so I will choose to.not jump ahead and say "what if... " (remind me if I do ok?)😃

  • I will do that Lindy-loo. Xx 👍

  • Hope things start to improve for you Best wishes

  • Me too 🤗 but it is winter! Bundle up and take care is all we can do. Right?

  • Sorry you have to go through another bronchoscopy. Your doctor seems thorough, which is a good thing.

    A lot to pay for..I have just paid loads for special sensitive hypoallergenic bandages after my op.

    Take good care 🌷

  • I cannot believe the cost of those saline nebs! Hoping they work. Then I don't mind the cost...

  • Yes it costs us nothing but $. The bandages...are they super expensive?

  • Yes 2 boxes with just 5 in one for £80 and I have to change twice a day but they don’t rip your skin off must be silicone in them.

  • Oh my goodness! That is far far too expensive especially just for 5 bandages! They are probably 24 karat gold filled hahaha

  • 😂 well I had the stitches off this afternoon it is healing at least..

  • Ohhh that is great! No more bandages?

  • Oh yes still until I see the doc on Tuesday. Saw the nurse. I have two dressings 2 bandages but she used hers😉 I have to keep them for 48h now.

  • What was the operatikn for if you don't mind me being so nosey

  • Breast cysts..

  • I have had some before all benign..still I wait for biopsy results..🤞🤞🤞

  • Oh dear one! That has to be a terrible wait! I pray they are all benign

  • Thank you Lindy. Since I have been diagnosed with lymphangioleiomyomatosis, a degenerative lung disease, I don’t worry anymore, that must have been the tip of the iceberg. I take each day as it comes and I feel better for it. 🌷

  • Do you think that they could have given your disease possibly a shorter name? I never even heard of it! I'm sure it's not a picnic either. I really like your attitude I think that in one of my posts I said you just have to live with it because it is what it is. Unless a miracle happens we're going to be stuck with this. So we might as well live it as gracefully as we can, as bravely as we can. Have a great week and I hope you're not in the path of that storm.

    Linda ~Vancouver Canada

  • Hope things start to get better for you, Lindy-Loo.

  • Thank you so much.

  • Sorry to hear you are struggling. I am just wondering what bacteria you keep getting which would make her so concerned re abs. `

    Many of us have been on abs for numerous, frequent infections. In my own case for 69 years and I am restricted by intolerances. Nor sure where you are from but don't understand either why you are paying for hypertonic saline yourself.

    Hope the bronchoscopy goes well and you start to feel better soon.


  • I think it really was a guessing game with my doctor (gp) . This one that I saw today is a specialist and I told her I was feeling very tired all the time and that I think I was getting an infection. So she wants to do the bronchoscopy to find out just exactly what is growing in there. Oh the fun of it all!

    I live in Vancouver British Columbia where two-thirds of the year is spent under an umbrella. Not to mention that I am dependent on the bus system. Lots of "good stuff" brewing in the buses LOL Like fighting a war with all the bugs! The Specialist is writing away to our government to see if they will pay for it but she did not sound very hopeful.

  • Vancouver's weather sounds similar to ours in the UK. I empathise as I rely on public transport also with all the coughs and sneezes that go with it.

    We are so lucky in the `UK to have the NHS, which although we do pay for it, is free at the point of use.

    As an aside I still think it would be a great idea, altough optional, if we also had the country we live in alongside our username. We have discussed this in the past but it looks like there is only Stone and I who have done this. I find it really interesting to hear about other's health systems.

    I do hope the government will pay for your HS.

    The person who makes their own in Dmactds's post used to be a respiratory therapist and is very knowedgeable.

    Wish you lots of luck.


  • Thanks very much. I guess I will try to make my own as well.

  • Hi Lindy, I make my own because I like to use sea salt, salts do vary a lot but the calculation is always similar - 1 teaspoon salt diluted in 1pint of cooled, boiled water. Store this in sealed bottle in fridge and use 1 teaspoon in neb. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you very much. I am not the best at math so approx. What percentage would that amount to? I'm to take 7 % solution.

    How long does it keep in the fridge?

    Great info thanks for responding!

  • Yes it is approx 7% which I was also prescribed. I keep mine about 2 weeks in the fridge. Agree with you on the "rip off" drug companies.

  • Perfect! Thanks ☺

  • I think Vancouver weather is exactly the same as what you Brits experience. Wet, cold, damp, foggy you name it any kind of crappy weather we have it. It's just that our our mountains and the ocean meet one another. There is tons to do here if you have the breath to do it. Hahaha but you know what keeps us here ? When the sun comes out it is spectacular! I think that's why many people love to come and cruise Alaska, it is a wonderful chance to see our coastline. I have to bragg and say, it is very beautifu...l I get most of my meds paid for but there are some that I have to pay for and these Saline nebules are one of them which really drives me crazy because it is just salt and water! The drug companies are a rip off! Heartless theives!

    I will try to redo my profile and see if I can put " Canada " behind my name🙃

  • Wishing you the best of luck. I hope that it all works out well for you. Take care of yourself. XXX

  • Thanks Pam. I will!

  • Thank you Pam I hope that all goes well for you as well! x

  • Lindy, I'm in Ireland and used HS for about two months. It was not covered in the Drug Refund scheme, so as well as the regular €144 per month, the cost of the HS was extra..

  • That is even more expensive than Canada! There really should be some extra help if you require it. Did you find that the HHS helped?

  • The way it goes here is, if you have a full medical card, all your meds are free and you're just charged a small dispensing fee. For the rest of us, we pay 144 every month. There's no extra help. You're either eligible for free meds or your not. At the moment my Free Doctor visit card is under review and I know they'll try to take it away from me. They did last time but I appealed successfully. It's €60 for a GP visit, so you can imagine how I need to hang on to that card.

    Medical costs are no joke are they ?

  • No they certainly aren't a joke! And just as we're getting older and less affluent they start charging us an exorbitant amount of money just to survive!

  • Lindy, sorry I didn't answer your question. There was a lot of debate over whether I was a suitable candidate for HSS because at times, I get very sob. I used it for about two months and the first few times found it a help to bring up mucous but after that nothing much. Meanwhile My breathing was getting worse, so I was told not to use it again. So I only had to pay the extra €40-ish twice. I rang the health board to complain about it not being included in the list of prescribed drugs but got absolutely nowhere.

    A lot of people find that HSS works really well so unless it's making you breathless, give it your best shot. I hope it works for you.

  • Thanks Billie Jean. Last night was productive but this morning nothing!😣

  • I am now completely unproductive, which seems to be just as awkward as having too much sputum.

    Don't worry about the Bronchoscopy. Once you get the sedation - usually a small amount of Valium, injected straight into the bloodstream - it's fine. You won't feel or remember a thing. I've had more then I can count over the years. I used to almost look forward to them as I always got a good sleep afterwards :)

  • Oh dear! Looks forward to them. I don't worry about anything anymore because I have this, I hate this... but theres nothing I can do to change it! I assume that you don't sleep well too☹

    I average about 4-5 hrs. Per night unless I break down and take a sleeping pill which is rare.

  • You are completely unproductive? Is it bronchestisis? It must be so terrible for you Billie-Jean! I am sorry that you are going through this too.

  • Thanks Lindy ! This has really thrown me because I feel I have no idea what's going on and consequently. No control. I have brought this up with my consultant but so far he's being non-committal. I'll have to be more assertivenext time

  • I've learned more about bronchiectasis on this site then any specialist / consultant could possibly tell you. As for them being noncommittal why? Just tell him to tell you what's wrong with you. Explain it to you. Yes as women we have to rise up and take our power. You go forth Superwoman

  • Yes, sleep is something I crave and fantasise about. I can seem to get by on very little sleep but wouldn't it be wonderful to just drop off and awake next morning, refreshed ? I take sleeping pills all the time because without them I lie awake for the entire night and nobody can cope with that.

    If today is the day you are having your Bronchoscopy, I hope everything went okay and that you took the taxi. Let us know how you got on.

  • Hi there! no my bronchoscopy is on October 26th. My daughter's birthday. My poor daughter she's so worried about me. Anyways I go in to the hospital and I'm going to take a taxi because it's extremely cold in the mornings and the last thing my lungs need is cold air . She's working and I'm in a wheelchair so it has to be a van that's equipped to take a wheelchair. It is no big deal. It's that they won't release me unless I have somebody there to go home with. I don't know how I'm going to pull that one off maybe get the cabbie to come up and get me LOL I will keep you posted thank you very much for asking

  • That makes things so much more complicated for you, Lindy. Mind you they always insist on someone coming to collect you if you've had a procedure requiringsedation.It must be worryingfor your daughterand we hate to worry them and be a burden, don't we ?. I have sons and it's easier to pull the wool over their eyes. They're very good when it's necessary but in between they don't want a mother who's sick :) And that suits me too.

    In fairness to my consultant, I think he doesn't want to alarm me un-necessarily and tends to be very matter of fact about everything. But worryingabout something that may not even be there is driving me crazy , so next time I'll have to be firmer.

    I'm wondering if your hospital or your area does any volunteer hospital transport ? This is something that happens here and volunteer drivers will bring people to and from hospital for appointments. It would be great if you could have some help like that. Take care Lindy, talk to you soon.


  • The hospital does not offer transport they do on this side of the bridge, where I live in North Vancouver but not over in Vancouver that I am aware of. Keep in mind I'm in a wheelchair and I need a van that is equipped to transport me back and forth. I will wait it out and see if they will release me I don't see why not. Are they going to keep me in there forever? I don't think so :-)

    As for worrying our kids I actually have two girls (women actually) one is extremely attentive and the other one has disappeared out of my life for the last 6 months. I have no clue as to why but she's not around so it is what it is. I have made several attempts to no avail. So I put it in God's hands and let him deal with her. My Jasmine (who's the attentive one) keeps in touch regularly and so I know it's always on her mind. I hate worrying her because she's got a family and works full-time so as little as possible about my conditions go out of my mouth to her.

  • That all sounds very familiar. When I'm very breathless, I hide it from the boys (men) by not moving around when they're about. I hide it from everyone, except one good friend and people never see me when I'm sick. I re-appear when I come out the other end of an infection :) This is why this forum is so invaluable. It's the one place where you can be yourself and not have to continue keeping up appearances. I think if I hadn't this forum, I would find it much more difficult to handle this illness.

    It's nice to have somewhere to have a good moan :)

  • I agree Billi-Jean! Although I still moan about it🙄 all my friends know I have it but really, they haven't a clue what bronchestasis is! They just see me sick a lot and I am sure that unless you have it you can only sympathise but empathise? No I don't think so! Here you have both, I'm very thankful for this site!

  • Looked up a recipe for your 'hypotonic saline' solution (in case you might want to take a stab at making your own) online at a site concerned with bronchiectasis:


    "...This LOOKS like a lot, and may look complicated, but it's really NOT. It's no worse than measuring out salt for a cake---but in this case, you pour it into water and not the cake batter..."

  • Isotonic saline 0.4% - same strength as body fluids

    Hypertonic saline - stronger than isotonic - 7% used for nebulising

    Hypotonic saline - weaker than isotonic - never seen it myself.

  • Isotonic is 0.9% hun, which is the same as bodily fluids.

    Hypertonic comes in 3%, 6% and 7% and when nebulised draws fluid temporarily into the lungs by osmosis, which helps to dislodge the mucus making it easier to get rid of.


  • Great info! I am learning so much from you people on this site I cannot believe it! You're all amazing and you're all so brave. You inspire me

  • True.

    I have 0.9% for mixing with colomycin and 7% for clearing mucus. Don't know where the 0.4% number came from, probably just my dodgy memory.

  • Is colomycin an antibiotic?

  • Yes

    Colistimethane sodium - been nebulising twice a day as a prophylactic but been taken off it 2 weeks ago due to weight loss amongst other things.

  • Always! Always reprecussions from meds

  • Wow! Thank you so much. I will try to make it when I have finished these nebs.

  • Only problem is how would you store it and make sure that every dose you take is sterile ? It sounds really messy to me and to be honest I'd rather pay for the little nebules then worry about something being sterile or not.

    Any recipes for making our own antibiotics ? :) :)

  • Get a block of cheese and leave it out of the fridge until green. Carefully scrape off the mold and consume 🤤

    It's the only recipe I have .

  • Thank you for that Lindy but I think I'lol pass. :)

  • One more thing, how long does it keep? And does it have to be sterile? Once the jar's opened it is not sterile right? I would think the salt would keep it sterile. Anyways thank you! I am going to make it next month.

  • These seem to be all questions you might ask in the forum the original link I sent leads to, if some of the answers aren't already there...; otherwise, seems to be fertile ground for much more internet Googling research...., on your part.

    Tally HO !!!

    Last paragraph in the forum....

    "...Oh, yes---saline/hypertonic saline can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. For sinus use, take out what you're going to use about a half-hour before you want to use it, because it can really give you a headache, right from the fridge! I don't hesitate to keep hypertonic saline for a couple of days, unrefrigerated; there just are NOT that many bugs which can survive through that much salt!..."

  • I thought so! I pickle and between salt and vinegar nothing survives...although I have never seen anything floating around. (Extra protien)😄

  • yikes, blow that for a game of soldiers thankfully I am exempt and have been most of my life having a certifiable condition since I was 16 I never understand why airways disorder is not exempt????

  • Lindy-loo Chin up lass as unpleasant as the procedure is and as you say you have had a few it may be the only way to resolve your current situation as abs do not appear to be the way forward as your consultant says,i am hoping you get some or all of the govt funding,we are so fortunate with our system in the UK,also that your maritime climate gives you an el nino free winter and a few drier periods,though don't let the ski powder hounds know i said that lol.the very best of luck for the future........................skis and scruffy cat xx

  • Thank you skis. No I know the cold wet climate is not very conducive to healthy lungs! It is not that I have to have the bronchoscopy it's that I have to be out at the bus stop at 6:30 in the morning!

    I will bite the bullet and take a taxi there and back. The one good thing is I have a book of Taxi Savers that will get me 50% off. Just don't really want to go there by cab. But if that's the only way I can avoid the cold that's it!

  • your comfort is more important than cost,but that is rather flippant to say not knowing the cost of cabs in Vancouver,06.30 in the morning is more horrifying for me than any airborne diseases.Good luck my dear lady i will pray for a window of high pressure and a glimpse of sunshine for you on the day.......................skis and scruffy

  • Arghhh! I know. I think I would gladly pay twice that much to get out of the elements! It just gets so cold. A ridge of very high pressure would be perfect!

  • Lindy i am afraid your forecast for the next 5 days does not look good with plenty precipitation i fear.stay indoors and wrap up warm or move to Toronto for the next week lol x

  • Nice and sunny here today. Cannot trust the weatherman. lol

  • Hi skis and of course scruffy😊 Not flippant at all. Cabs are not my favorite mode of transport due to the costs involved. But it really is my comfort! I have 2 choices bus or cab...I am in a wheelchair as I also have M.S. (how lucky am I?) But to look on the bright side it saves me from falling all over the place and breaking bones and fatigue!

  • oh Lindy life has not dealt you a very fair hand of cards my love,i am so sorry to hear of your M.S can you self propel in your chair?having pushed my dear parted wife around in a chair for 4 years i know how difficult it can be to get around,what us bipods take for granted goes out of the window as you know,also in inclement weather it's twice as hard,i admire your fortitude and bravery,from your picture and humour i imagined a young lady full of life with just dodgy lungs for company.you are my new super hero lol x.......skis

  • Skis! How sweet of you to say those kind words. No my chair is a brand new, 15,000 chair that gets charged up nightly and off I go! It even tilts! 😉

    I am not exactly young...68. When you have these things rusting you out you tend to feel a LOT older.

  • well Lindy i am most impressed that my super lady has a super electric chair,do you do reckless things such as wheelies and running over the toes of not very nice people.i do hope so.i was trying to tease you out to talk about Vancouver and all things B.C,as i am a great fan and have been many times skiing though not in Whistler,mainly in the Purcel'ls nearer to Calgary and around the Kelowna area which is beautiful and even more so in the summer i believe?Only been thru Vancouver airport en route to other places.So not a piece of quality choc in sight but a tease all the same................regards skis and a choc free cat.

  • Oh yes my beautiful City Vancouver. I am so blessed to be living in this city I have to say. But then again I watch this show every afternoon about buying homes in the British Isles. So you guys have a gorgeous country. I used to live in Kelowna. We moved up there and begin our family up there. It's one of my favorite places to be in the whole world. My husband used to work in a Vineyard as well as he was a groundskeeper for the golf course there. I had the most spectacular view because we were up high and overlooking the Okanagan Lake. At any rate, British Columbia seems to be burning every single year it gets worse. Forest fires and along with that comes a lot of smoke drifting into Vancouver! Next year I will be getting an air conditioner. I have an air purifier but that doesn't seem to help all that much. Well the rains have begun. I'm sure that it is nice and snowy up on Grouse Mountain. Grouse Mountain is one of the nicer ski areas in Vancouver I don't know if you've been there I guess not if you've only done a stopover in the plane!

  • oh you lucky lady to have lived in Kelowna,once rated in top 10 places to live in Canada i believe,we skied Big White a couple of times and also Silver star when they were not as big as they are now.Our favs were little resorts nearer Calgary .old mining towns like Fernie and Kimberley co we could go into town and mix with the locals in the pub and have jugs of beer and join in the 'meat draw'and give away stuff we couldn't cook in our little condo.happy days.But i would love to visit Vancouver and Vancouver island in the summer time but most of all Kelowna perhaps a cabin near the lake.Dreaming now.how are you today my love.?....reminiscing skis and non skiing scruffy

  • Ahhh yes! Although I have never been on a pair of skis I'm always afraid of breaking bones so I avoid ski hills. We used to go tobogganing and that was enough fun for me. Big white what an amazing place to stay especially if you are a skier! It's A Little Piece of Heaven up there isn't it? You know what you should should take an Alaskan cruise! I've been on it and it is an amazing Cruise. Actually have been on it 3 times. I would go again in a Flash and I keep planning it but I never actually do it. It's truly only 3 miles from where I am to get on the ship so I have no excuse. But I would really love to do a cruise again. All the fun stuff to do on the cruise. I never gain weight when I'm on a cruise which is kind of funny because there's all that wonderful food but what I do do is I pick and choose I always have high tea in the afternoon period in the morning I get room service la-di-da and in the evening we always used to go to the dining room where the food is always, always great.

    But... what about Scruf? Is he/she going to escort you on the cruise? 😼

  • If scruff can survive undetected on a 10 flight to Vancouver and not leave little puddles in first class we should be ok.Big white was great fun but to many Australians it was like little Sydney and the fine dining oh so expensive so we dined a la pub.Now cruises sound nice though i could go a little stir crazy and end up jumping ship.So i tried huskies with dog poo sprayed in my face and ice fishing on a lake with no fish and snow shoe walking sinking up to my waist but i have yet to see my first grizzly,Dad was born in Montreal but left when quite young and i call that part of Canada France with ice lol.how mobile can you actually be Lindy?...skisx

  • Not that mobile! Been in this chair a little over 5 years. Cruising is really my only option for travel as of now and getting on a flight does not appeal to me anymore.. now thats boring! Even could not stand a 4 hr flight to Mexico! Just the thought of what the airlines do when they get a hold of wheelchairs send shivers up my neck! A friend of mine had to go to the news stn to get any action! They ruined her chair as well as her husbands chair! She has an 18,000 chair, people don't realize it's our legs! So I stay here and occupy myself with painting, and silver smithing.which I really enjoy. I sell at various venues and perhaps will soon do consignment. You can only imagine what it looks like having a bag a big bag like an Ikea bag hanging off the back of my wheelchair, and a box on my lap as I trudged off to one craft fair after another. I just pray that this season is going to be my last where I have to trudge around with everything. Well this was a long drawn-out answer to a question about my Mobility. Let's just say I'm very thankful for my wheelchair

  • i like talking to you Lindy so no probs with long answers,A good wheelchair is very important and oft takes a lot of effort to customise with cushions etc for the most comfortable fit.As you say forget airlines they have no care that it is your lifeline,So as well as being super you are talented and gifted with skills unlike me.Silver smithing must be very delicate work and you must post us some photo's of your creations,who knows i may become your overseas sales agent and live happily on commission lol x

  • Yeah that sounds pretty good to me you can slog my stuff. Well the thing is is I sold my car about 4 years ago and I thought instead of piddeling the money away I would invest in tools and silver and some stones and see what happens. Prior to that I was beading and I don't like it because my hands aren't really operating at full capacity they're not bad but they're a little bit numb every now and then. So I went on YouTube and I looked for instructions and I just started and it's been fun ever since. Except like I say when I have to schlep around with all my stuff. I really need to be healthy this winter as I have a lot of fairs to attend. You can definitely be my salesperson in the UK. I mostly do earrings and rings. I used to do some necklaces and that but I found that necklaces don't really sell. I am hesitant about posting pictures I don't want people to think that that's why I'm on here. Unless I can post pictures to you privately I don't feel comfortable doing that I just don't want people to have the wrong idea. How are you at sales? LOL

  • i am crap at sales.i couldn't sell a gold bar for half price i am to honest,Unfortunately its a harsh and competitive market you are in.Most sales initially are probably by personal recommendation until you can establish a client base.Maybe it has to remain a hobby that pays for itself.I do not think a photo would be deemed as selling as long as you explain it's your hobby and you just want people to share the beauty of hand made things.Then when they are all hooked we go in for the kill lol x

  • I'll let you go in for the kill mr. Agent. Okay maybe I will post the picture, maybe a little collage. I am watching a series from your end of the world and it's called line of duty. It's so good have you watched it?

  • yes i have and it is very good,i believe there have been several series but i am always months or years behind these things and often if i really like something i will rent or buy the box set,enjoy there are so many good ones from both sides of the water.i think there is even a new one set in Canada made over here i will have to check it out.x

  • Yes but none as good as you brits do!

  • we are very lucky with tv here in the uk,there is plenty of good quality drama and bags of excellent natural history stuff sold around the world though we have our fair share of soap operas and so called entertainment crap as well.even our news is fairly neutral and very factual.See and i said i couldn't sell stuff lol what have i just done all be it to a convinced audience x

  • I have a friend who lives in my building who is CNN obsessed. And the only time that I ever watch CNN is when I am spending time with her (and the TV of course.) Other than that are shows are simply not as good as your British shows . BBC crime drama shows are my fave, I love them they're so well done. I agree about soap operas just crap! Time-waster and so stupid! Nothing of substance... We do get one here not sure what it's called it's really a famous One and you can tell I don't watch it hahaha

  • the things i hate most are what they call the reality shows like big brother or whatever and the endless talent shows where some unfortunate semi pro singer is desperately trying to become famous.as you can tell i am a bit of a telly snob though not educated enough to be one lol x

  • Haha me too skis but I have to confess I love Survivor because I really like the psychology behind it as well as ... (here goes I'm going to say it! hold on to yourself... The Bachelor!!) I know I guess I'm mindless but sometimes you just have to go there.

  • i have heard of survivor and having a military background that sort of stuff if done properly is watchable,the bachelor i will have to google so your reputation is intact until i uncover the truth ha ha x

  • Oh no... My reputation is shot and it's just from being truthful too! 😃

  • It is just total fluff and dribble

  • shame on you,your reputation is in tatters,i have just googled the batchelor and i must say,for some one of such obvious class and taste you have slipped my dear onto a downward slide of certain oblivion.The feminist movement will hunt you down and Mr Twill be knocking on your door for unmentionable favours,stick to the drama lol x..........skis and scruff

  • Yes but theres a bachelorette as well ☺ Do not make it a steadfast habit you know ! How do I post the picture of my jewelry?

  • tis to late to back track now Lindy.i am not the best with IT but if you just compose a post and click on the add photo button it will download from wherever you have it stored on the device you use here.good morning i got up late so enjoy your breakfast.........skis x

  • Awww thanks! Hunker down you and Scruffy as you have a hurricane heading towards you! Crazy weather! How many hurricanes have you been through? Me... just 1 and 1 monsoon in Japan .. Quite enough.

  • Thankfully none,though the worst storm i ever encountered was actually on a rickety flight from Vancouver to Kelowna when we were bumped around for fun and i thought the old prop engines were going to fall off our flying bus but it didn't stop me eating what appeared to be home made sandwiches and coffee from a flask.storm is going to miss us by approx 100 miles north x fingers......skis and sleeping cat

  • Thank God for that! Those storms are so scary. I can't even imagine being in a category 4 hurricane. There or two hurricanes that hit us that I can remember one was when I was a teenager and the other one completely destroyed Stanley Park from what it was to what it is today is shocking. I know what you mean about that flight from Vancouver to Kelowna hahaha it's the worst isn't it? One bumpy ride that is for sure. I don't know if you do any traveling anymore but I sure don't it's just cuz I don't want my wheelchair destroyed anyway hunker down you and Scruffy cuddle😿

  • Please take my advise and try Astrophort Thompson brand I was told that I needed a transplant and maybe I do but feeling great takes about a month to work but I have my usual morning cough but I am great during the day still working andI can walk around our property worth a try good luck xx

  • Is that a particular brand of saline solution? Why do you think that is the best choice? I don't know if it's available in Canada but I will look it up. Thank you for your advice😊 much appreciated.

  • Hi

    Good luck

    Its best getting this done asap..getting a sample and the Right antibiotic.

    Too many of us get the wrong antibiotic..high dose needed when you start and fingers crossed 🤞

    The hypertonic saline is very helpful i think..i use my neb twice a day.

    Good luck

    Jenny x

  • Thanks Jenny! I guess I will see in 2 weeks. I am afraid of the infection getting worse! I must be conditioned to taking antibiotics😐any other hints to keep infection at bay?

  • Oh dear,poor you

    I get alot of infections but i also have the correct antibiotic so i feel for you if you are getting worse 😢

    Do they not admit you for IV antibiotics..sounds like you are suffering an awful lot

    Jenny x

  • Well it's so disconcerting to all of a sudden have these symptoms when prior years I sure didn't. I've always had infections but I always knew how to deal with it. No they didn't give me any IV in the hospital but she did mention it. She said if it didn't get better she was going to do that. But come on take a culture doctor! Then we know what we're dealing with. I am thankful for my specialist because she's really on top of things she is young and pretty knowledgeable. I don't want to go to some old guy that has been prescribing the same old things all the time I want somebody who is a bit more Progressive than that. I hope your day is going well. Overcast in Vancouver today which means we're going to get rain again. I was going to take some things back to the store but I guess that's going to have to wait until tomorrow. That's the one good thing about not working isn't it... tomorrow comes soon

  • Lindy-loo, You have the right attitude! Whatever it is, you will know after the bronchoscopy and can deal with it as required! Kind Regards, judg69

  • Thank you! It seems so far away when I feel so darned yuk!

  • If you are unsure of the source of the water, put it through a water filter and then double boil it. I usually boil in a covered glass (pyrex) bowl in the microwave for about 10 minutes, then let it cool, and then microwave boil it again for 10 minutes. A traditional way of sterilising water.

  • I actually will buy some distilled water from Walmart less than $2. That way than I know everything is sterile. I do pickles and lots of salt goes into pickles and I don't worry about anything salted because nothing's going to live in there right?

  • Since I have been on steroids for the adrenal glands insufficiency I hardly have any mucus and I am breathing better although dosage is minimal compared to what we have to take when we have an infection. That’s something at least.

    Take care Lindy 🌺🌷🌸

  • You too Happy😄

  • LAM for short!! Sporadic LAM!!😂😂

    No Ophelia in the Alps!! Yes I read a good book on chronic illnesses first year I did grieve my past life in a way but now I am fine like that ad for cancer on tv from the Macmillan trust: today is a good day!

    Take care Lindy from Vancouver. Beautiful place to live 🌸

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