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Hi can anyone advise .. I’m applying for PIP I have copd stage 3 30% lung capicitly and I don’t really know how to fill in form as when I have flare ups and chest infections I’m not capable to even get dressed , showered or cook for myself etc but when I don’t have them I can do things more easily but still have to pace myself doing housework etc so do I put how I am when bad or when I’m not unwell I’m confused .. I also can’t walk far without getting out of breath still waiting on rehab so don’t know yet if I need oxygen for walking / exercise .. but at moment don’t need it .. I have had 4 months of this year where I have needed help with house and personal care !! I also have two bulging discs, depression and asthma so standing too long also affects me .. I’m having to leave my job as the flour is affecting me but I’ve applied for a job on checkouts !! Can someone please advice me what I need to put on form ??? Many thanks Amanda x

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  • Hi Amanda

    It's not about the conditions you have when it comes to the DWP but is to do with how it affects you with regard to your personal care and mobility. Never concentrate on your good days, as even our good days are not great.

    I would stongly advise you to enlist the help of a benefits expert, either from Welfare Rights if you have them in your area, CAB or DIAL. They, whilst telling the truth, know what information is important with regard to earning you the points required. It will also take away much of the stress involved for you.

    Wishing you the best.


  • Thanks Cofdrop I have made appointment with CAB as I thought it might be best bet , thank you just wasn’t sure .

  • Benefits and work site guide on how to fill out the form.good luck..

  • Thanks Alan

  • Hi the CAB should be able to help you. Otherwise there is bound to be a disability advice service in your area you can contact. Good luck.

  • Thank you Lilac lil x

  • You are more than welcome. xx

  • If you have medical help one of them will fill in the form

    In my case the district nurse did the first one and last week the hospice nurse filled in another

    Good luck mike

  • Hi budleigh4 I will ask my copd nurse as I have an appointment with her in two weeks , thank you x

  • Suggestion - get an A4 pad and for each question on the pip form use a separate page. Write the question at the top of the page - then write down anything and everything you can think of that is relevant to that 1 question or subsection. Some things you will write down against more than one question, don't worry, is better than missing things off. If some days are worse than others you need to note how you are on those days. Also note if bad days are 1 a month or 5 a week etc. The more info you have the better it will be for the person helping you fill out the form. You don't have to do this in 1 go and you can come back to sections if you think of something that you missed.

  • Thank you Ipogle that’s a great idea x

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