Freedom on an ebike

I'm worn out after walking 100 metres and need to rest so I don't really ever go more than 100m from where ever I can park my car. I had a quick ride on a friend's ebike and it was suddenly like a new freedom so I bought a folding ebike for me and the wife.

It is so easy to ride, I can pedal along on the flat for quite a away but as soon as I get tired I can turn on the electric assistance and the battery takes over.

On a hill switch the power on and you soon along with no effort. So the great thing is I can go places I haven't been for years, it's gets me out in the fresh air and I get quite a bit of excersize riding it.

It folds up so we can put the bikes in the car and drive out and have a ride, we had a great ride around the Olympic rowing lake near Windsor which is about 5KM to go all the way round it.

So far it has 95KM on the clock and I look forward to having a ride, thought I would share this with you all as I had never thought about an ebike before.

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What a great solution Perce. Thanks for sharing. :)

Sounds absolutely wonderful.

It does sound great and well done. I have been thinking of getting an e-bike but I live in a very hilly place with some very steep hills and don't know whether a folding bike would get up them. It would have to be folding because of storage space.

That sounds like a great idea Perce and it’s good that you can get out and about now.

Enjoy your new found freedom. Xxxxx

Thinking of getting a fold up scooter next!

Hi Perce can you message information on where you got your bike from please iv been looking at them for a while and haven't quite decided as yet to have one ....good luck with yours and wishing you many outings xxx

Really pleased with the quality and performance of the Mate bike.

Fabulous! xx Moy

Fabulous! xx Moy

Hi Perce, yep, I did just the same and it's opened up a whole new world for me too. I splashed out for one, not cheap but well worth it, also purchased a second battery. The one I bought is here : -

It's shaft drive so no dirty and problem chain, battery fits into the down tube.


That looks pretty good!

It's a great little bike, and I'm fully satisfied with it.

Wow, just the job if you have the odd £4k hanging around. No good for me as there's no where to carry my O2 tanker and need at least 4 wheels for stability.

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