Matron and the theatre

Matron Due today told her we were hoping to go to theatre with Breathe easy needed to be seated before 2,30 she said she would come at 1pm which was cutting it fine to get there on time she phoned up running late turned up at 1.40 panic stations However seemed to get more sorted or in progress She is refering me back to consultant and wants him to put me on azhyrmison not sure of spelling maintance Dose Because of how many infections ive had also told her how much harder its getting to breathe at times she is getting in touch with the hospice to see if i can go in for respite and have intensive CBT The Doctor has stopped my ventolin until i seen nurse or Doctor she sorted it out also asked how i was getting on with lorazapam I said they take the edge of panic she has told me i can go up to 4halves a day if needed but the Doctor only gave me 14 for a month forgot to tell her that she did a examination and said my right side is consolidated and left side now has wheeze and crackles and the matron who was with her said there was a noise at top on left side which she couldnt identify was told its the Bronchi need to ask her about that when she comes on the 25 th .She also took a sample with her We made it just as doors where closing to the show and what happened I fell asleep lol

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The show must have been riveting :) But glad you made it.

Matron seems finally to be getting more proactive doesn't she ? Her suggestions are all good so let's see if she delivers on them. A bit of respite wouldn't be bad would it ? I know how much you worry about Frank and it would give him a rest too. Sounds like you're handling things really well now, I hope it will soon get a bit easier.

This is the new matron who. Is a prescriber. Seen her once or twice but she is pretty good just had phone call from oxygen nurse she cancelled because ive just finished ABS then ive had phone call from hospital. To go to see consultant tomorrow worried now .

and what happened I fell asleep lol

Oh dear. Hope you got a good nap though.

I cant believe i did that and frank woke me and i did it again wish itwas that easy at home lol

Oh Margaret l did smile about you falling asleep at the theatre. That’s what Pete would have done too.

You do seem to be getting good care at the moment and hopefully the Azithromycin will help. Pete takes them and does well so fingers crossed for you.

Lots of love and good wishes. Xxxxx

Embarrasing but at least i was on the end. Of the row. I hope the consultant will prescribe Azithromycin for me I have just had a phone call from the hospital have to be thete 9.40 tomorrow will need to be up before god to get pulled round. I am very worried that matron only contacted them yesterday love Margaret xxx

That's good news Margaret that things are moving forward, hope the new regime helps. Pity you fell asleep at the theatre, on the positive side the show must have been relaxing if you fell asleep, did you feel better for having had a nap.? Take care and best wishes.

I must have been very relaxed kate but felt silly at least i didnt snore i did feel better for nap has i have just mentioned to sassy got a appointment for consultant tomorrow matron only refered me yesterday now imgoing to be panicking allday love margaret xx

Hope all goes well with consultant, my turn for theatre today . No time for sleep as it is an audience participation show with lots of music of varied kind. Its an annual event to raise money for the poppy appeal. Stay calm xx

Hope you enjoy your theatre trip sounds good .consultant is thinking of putting me on azhythrim but wants to make sure i havent still got a infection and if i have he is talking about me going in hospital for IV antibiotics also had a ecg whilst there he also wants to see me at his next clinic in a few weeks so at momment at a standstill love Margaret xxx

Good morning Margaret, sounds like you have a few things in progress with your health, sadly they sometimes take a while to get sorted and that is not what most people want is to wait, time is precious. But take advantage of the time for a little me time to pamper yourself before the next round of tests ect. I enjoyed the theatre trip got another one next week called Godiva Rocks, it is a tribute to all the stars in the past that our city has produced. The stage will be rocking. take care speak again soon love Kate xx

Good afternoon kate i have Been having problems with the site keeps asking me to sign in Been doing it over the last few weeks I am pleased you had a enjoyable theatre trip the one coming up sounds very good T.The show we saw what i saw of it lol was very good lots of costume changes. It was music and dance through the ages and the ice cream in interval was lovley i was awake in interval im sure ill get a few comments when i go to Breathe easy lol .I was going to see about flu jab but was told yesterday i have to have a couple of weeks infection free before i can have it the way i keep getting them that will be who knows love margaret xxx

Glad the matron is starting to help you a bit more. The arizthymacin is good stuff, hopefully you will feel the effects of that once it's kicked in. Shame about the show but at least you had a nice nap x x x

Hope i do get it and it helps has i have mentioned i have to go to hospital at 9.40 tomorrow to see consultant. Only refered yesterday so i am panicking it eas a shame i missed most of the show lol x

It sounds as though things are going a bit better at the moment. I had to laugh at you falling asleep in the theatre - that's just what happens to me! As soon as the lights go down, so do my eyelids. Still, you made it! Well done! xx Moy

How embarrising at least i didnt snore frank said he would have woke me if i had .The new matron getting things moving but she refered me to consultant yesterday and i have just had a phone call to go to hospital 9.40 tomorrow so i am panicking now x

Hope all goes well with the consultant. At least something's happening for you. By the way, I don't snore in the theatre - I do that thing where your head flops forward and you wake with a jolt! Lol! xx Moy

I know what you mean i do that as well love margaret xx

I had my prophylactic antibiotic changed to azithromycin at the beginning of August. I have had numerous chest infections while on daily doxycycline, as well as coughing continuously since July 2012. After about three weeks I realised I had stopped coughing, I’ll have to wait and see about chest infections. I do hope it works for you!

Have had loads of infections this year and 5 hospitalisations. So i am hoping if i get azithromycin they will help hope they keep working for you also take care

Hi there T2D,I've been on the Azi anti's 3 x per week and touch hospitalisations this year! So they're working well for me. Ooh another early start for you again,so no staying up late young lady!!! No solitaire early hours of the morning!! Cx

Glad the azi helping you hope consultant agrees with matron and gives me them keeping me out of hospital xxx

Hi yes will have to leave the solitaire and Book alone tonight Dont reckon i will get much sleep tonight as per usual will take a sleep eaze to get a few at least But really early start hope my Breathing not playing me up and definitley taking a chill pill lol xxx

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