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Never Give up you may just have a virus


Hi Everyone,

I am writing to tell you all not to think you have a terrible breathing problem until it's diagnosed because my lung function test just said I'm fine, after 4 months of wheezing and breathing problems, it's all gone and was just a terrible virus, and I've been told i have the lungs of a 42 year old and I'm 58, so hang on in there if you're suffering, keep warm, take the medical advise and never give up, your symptoms may fade away, but may take a few months to go.

Regards from Marrigold

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Thanks marrigold for that hope, you are so right, hard not to worry though sometimes.

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Hi there heatt,

Yes i found it hard to believe my symptoms would go away, it took months but they did, i even was given steroids and an inhaler, my nurse said it could have been something they have been spreading on the fields as so many folk have the same problems this year in this area all summer, so hang on in there. My best wishes to you.

Regards from Marrigold

I hope that's all it is with me then after four months I'm still wheezing. I'll not give up hope, I'll prey instead. X

I agree with this. I have bronchiecstasis and uncontrollable asthma. I've had a cough since 2012. I have had many chest infections and I got one in February and went through steroids and 4 different antibiotics as well as my daily antibiotic. At my last meeting with my lung doctor at the beginning of August he said that was it really. I queried if that was the way my life was to be from now on, no quality, lot of breathless even on short walks, going up stairs, hanging out washing etc. He grudgingly agreed to change my preventative antibiotic. After I'd been taking it for about three weeks I noticed I was coughing much less, and it has now stopped completely. I'm hoping this is good, but am wondering if mucus is gathering in my lungs, a question I'm going to ask my gp in a couple of weeks time. I was on doxycycline and now on azithromycin.

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Just read your post, and at one stage I thought the mucus was settling on my lungs, so i was sleeping on three pillows, it helped. I'm glad you're coughing less though.

Regards Marrigold

what a wonderful story! I hope that happens to me too! Thank you Maarigold for giving me some hope.

I hope so too. Be positive, keep warm, and have lots of hot drinks, and menthols helped me too as well.

Best wishes to you from Marrigold

Hi everyone I have been ill 7 weeks now had chest infection coughed blood with coughing. I am better than I was have astma I'm still coughing white mucas ,mornings ok night time I cough all the time I have no infection lungs clear it in my throat astma nurse says I'm ok,trying to use air chamber does it make noise if ok or am I doing it wrong xxxxcc

That's really encouraging! Thanks Marrigoldfor sharing.

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