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Dissapointed to miss Breathe easy today miss calculated my abs and realised this morning after i had got frank up that they dont finish till tonight he was shattered said felt like he had just gone to bed so he went down made a coffee and came Back up He got back to sleep then my mobile woke him up and sods law it was wrong numberron so he got up Had a bit of a scare with my Blood pressure last night on way to stairlift i said i dont feel too good i was sweating frank got the Blood pressure monitor out it was 220/110 very high he wanted to call 111 but i said we should have a few readings lowest was175/90 i will speak to the matron on wednesday we are supposed to be going to the theatre wednesday afternoon paid for the tickets have to be there by 2.15 matron said she will come at one i do hope she does .I phoned the councillor last friday hadnt seen her since i was in hospital she came this afternoon she is really easy to talk to and a good listener also

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Good to hear from you T2d and hope the counsellor can help as it’s good to have someone to talk to.

Enjoy your theatre trip and sending lots of love as always. Xxxxx

The trip to the theatre is with breathe easy its music through the ages and lots of costume changes ive Been told its very good love Margaret xxx

Enjoy it Margaret. Xxxx

Hi there T2D I'm sorry to learn that your lovely Frank has now worn himself was something going to happen as he is continually sent on false errands by the doctors and chemists, just came to mind! Theatre sounds wonderful and I'm certain you'd both enjoy yourselves so make it a priority to be able to go eh? Save a Loraz if needed,so you dont go into total panic mode! That's just what I'd do and I'm certainly not a medical professional lol!!

The councillor you mentioned,is she to do with Mental Health as on my area they dont get such a posh name- just mental health people! If she's good at her job she'll be needing to see you at least once a week for min of an hour. That's as per NICE guidelines.

You are sounding more upbeat than a few days ago so I'm hoping things are seeming a little brighter now?

Have a good night,Cx

Hi. Yes frank has been getting the run around but must say he went to chemist for nebuliser fluid and had no problem wonder of wonders fuming when the phone rang this morning The theatre is with Breathe easy they have got me a seat on end of aisle in case i have a panic attack .I will Be doing what you suggest I had to take half this morning what with the very high BP reading and Being in bloody pain again. I was a bundle of nerves and if i had checked my anti biotics i would have realised i wouldnt be going to Breathe easy and frank could have had a better sleep im sat here with the fan on absoloutley mafting councillor has 1hour sessions though it went over today shr is coming again on the 25th take care xxx

Hope you get to the theatre and enjoy it. xx Moy

I will try my Best to get there hopefully you never know i may wake up tomorrow feeling like a new woman lol .Been to the hospice today not many weeks left i will really miss it frank also give him a break fom me Still having problems with low sats down to 49 today at hospice wish i could get sorted out hopefully the Matron coming tomorrow she said she was a fortnight ago I told her about theatre with Breathe easy she said she would come at one pm do hope so would be ashame to waste 25 pound xxxx

Enjoy your trip to the theatre today. xxxx

Thank you hopefully the matron will come before we have to set off. She said. She would so fingers crossed xxx

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