Emphysema is beatable

Believe it or not emphysema is beatable. I did it. I’m male and 57 years old . I was diagnosed mild emphysema 6 years ago .before diagnosed, I was smoking average 30 cigarettes / day at least for 30 years . I cold turkey quit smoking the same night that I was diagnosed . I never smoked again . After diagnose I had my regular life and no change in life style. 6 months ago I began to have much more shortness of breath . I went to my doctor, they took PFT and CT scan , emphysema was progressed to higher level to moderate level. I asked doctor how long will I live? It progressed from mild to moderate within 5-6 years . He had no answer. I was prescribed steroid tablet for a week , shortness of breath was improved 40-50% , then I was prescribed with Advair inhaler . I used for a month I had better breathing but too much side affects , dizziness, tiredness… I stoped advair after a month . I decided to change life style . I did it and beat emphysema

1-either brisk walking or aerobic activity minimum 60 min/day

2-Pursued lips and diaphragmatic breathing 3-4 times a day and 5-6 mins each time

3-Most importanth was Eating habits change, I take vegetable, fish , meat , egg, seeds and fruit on daily basis now . No processed food. Processed food like sausages and baken are not bad for this disease these foods are dangerous for emphysema patients. No potato,rice and white bread.

4-I’m taking vitamin A and N.A.C. supplement on daily basis .

5-Taking Flax and chia seeds everyday.

I had PFT and lung scan last week. Results show no emphysema or obstruction . Doctor says he has never seen such a thing in 30 years of his currier.


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53 Replies

  • Well done you and well done your Doctor .....from what once seemed like a usual progression to less lung function,you've beaten it! Sincere congrats. Could you tell me if u r in the UK and which specialist respiratory team you saw to do all the other tests etc.

    Big congratulation to you!!!

  • thank you. I live in US, California

  • Thanks for your reply. One question though... Do you think it quite possible that you were originally misdiagnosed?


  • Might be correct. Doctors told me based on test results and the fact that I was a heavy smokers for years.

  • I think i should make a correction to title of my post I meant early stages of emphysema is beatable I do not have any clue of beating sever and end stages. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with early mild emphysema stage and re diagnosed 6 months ago with early moderate stage of emphysema after my life style change I revers it to a normal lung . PFT and CT scan indicate normal lung but close to early mild stage i at least improved it a stage that was my joy that wanted to share with community

  • Well Henry welcome to this site,may i say how happy i am for your miraculous cure but being an old sceptic you would have to provide me with enough scientific evidence to convince me that there is a cure for Emphysema.We look forward to that information but in the meantime many congratulations on your impressive recovery....................live a long and healthy life my friend........................Emphysemic skis and scruffy cat x

    Bit confused Henry,have you had 2 ct scans in the last 6 months,it is most unusual to be offered 2 ct scans in such a short period of time unless your consultant was extremely concerned with your condition or as you say perplexed at your amazing recovery?

  • Thank you. I asked doctor to write CT scan for me recently

  • Im another sceptic Henry, though pleased for you of course. It's interesting that you've had two CT scans which are different as there is no evidence of damaged lung tissue being able to regenerate, although inflammation may of course improve and cause less obstruction. Your FEV1, the main LFT test indicating a copd diagnosis, can certainly improve due to changes in lifestyle. But generally that doesnt mean the lung damage has gone, rather that your functionality has improved due to exercise etc. If your whole lifestyle regime is so much improved, then it is of course likely that your FEV1 will improve too.

    When I was first diagnosed at moderate 17 years ago, there were trials going on - the FORTE trials - to see whether retinoic acid which is either a derivative of Vitamin A, or a precursor (can't remember) might improve emphysema. The results were more or less inconclusive but I was interested to see you are taking that.

    Anyway good luck and continued good health.

  • I agree with you O2 and Skis. There is no current cure for emphysema.

  • I'm Not a physician but I think you are right that damages are permanent.recent test results indicate a normal lung but very close to mild obstruction. FEV1 and all other items improved to a normal lung. Most Important is my feeling that I have no shortness of breath. But of course during high aerobic activities I do have shortness of breath.

  • I think i should make a correction to title of my post I meant early stages of emphysema is beatable I do not have any clue of beating sever and end stages. I was diagnosed 6 years ago with early mild emphysema stage and re diagnosed 6 months ago with early moderate stage of emphysema after my life style change I revers it to a normal lung . PFT and CT scan indicate normal lung but close to early mild stage i at least improved it a stage that was my joy that wanted to share with community

  • That is wonderful news Henry you have obviously worked very hard for this to happen, I don't know enough about emphysema to say that's impossible, and anyway you have just told me it had happened so I don't want to spoil your joy, I can only say keep on doing what your doing cos what ever it is its working, Pat on the back and well done. 👏

  • thank you

  • Henry,i am doing you a disservice and i do not wish to mock your claim to have defeated Emphysema,we are a vast group of people with various lung diseases and all that we ask is for the factual evidence to support your claim,once again i support your healthy lifestyle changes and your usage of various dietry products such as flax and chia seeds which to our limited knowledge have no scientific recognition in reversing existing Emphysema.actually removing potatoe rice and white breads from our diets apart from depriving us of much enjoyment has no scientific basis for improved health if taken in moderation within a balanced diet and might even be detrimental.Awaiting your comments with greatest respect.........skis and interested cat xx

  • Well said.

  • I'm Not a doctor. I said the things that I did and get results. I do not have any evidence to support which food is good which one is not. Mostly my food election was based on visiting a nutritionist and internet.

  • I’m no Doctor but I’m going to say I disagree. 💩


  • thank you , everyone can have his /her idea and thanks again for your comment.

  • Hello your post is interesting and i am glad that you have improved.

    Sadly there is no current cure for emphsyemia. Once you have it the lungs are perminantley damaged. I was diagnosed many years ago but more recentct scans have revealed that there is very little damage to my lungs. My main probems are Copd Asthma and alpha 1.

    Do continue with your efforts it is obviouly working for you. X

  • thank you for your comment. I think physical activities has a major impact on this disease.

  • It is an open forum and everyone can contribute to any thread...as long as those responses remain within the guidelines.


    Please report replies which breach your site guidelines. Thanks. mm

  • Well done Henry, amazing you're so much better. Wishing you continued good health.


  • thank you and I wish good health for you too.

  • Whilst I will agree that you can improve your lung function with vigorous exercise, I have done it, it is not a cure. I exercise like that, I can do loads of stuff that confound the doctors, until they realise just how much effort I put into exercise. I use pursed lip breathing for a min. of 10 hrs a day during the week days , I still work full-time. Despite all of this I still have and still classed as having severe Emphysema.

    There is no cure presently, I have just been declined to take part in a research study because of being at the severe stage. If there was a cure there would be no need for the research in the first place.

    What really matters is how you feel. If you feel you have been cured, then power to you, you have had a lucky escape. Personally I think you must have been misdiagnosed, it does happen and some here have had the experience of being misdiagnosed in a condition.

  • That was exactly my thought 2greys - misdiagnosis. It happens.

  • Might be misdiagnosed first time but ct scan and PFT inidicated mild emphysema and of course doctor diagnosed emphysema based on test results

  • Umm why are sausages and bacon dangerous for emphysema ?? Just interested


  • Cales i think the sausages and bacon are safe to eat,Though going too near the grill during their preparation whist porting our O2 supplies could be hazardous indeed.:)

  • Yes you maybe need to invest in an extra long grill pan handle so you can keep a safe distance lol

  • Relationship between cured meat intake and COPD symptoms and exacerbations? This was new to me:


  • Oh noooo there goes my bacon sarnie ☹️

  • I agree, I'm not giving up bacon and sausages for anyone. You never know.

  • Was just curious why they were “dangerous” for people with emphysema 😐

  • Relationship between cured meat intake and COPD symptoms and exacerbations? This was new to me:


  • I like a number of others on this site welcome any improvement in condition. However I must question your initial diagnosis. Obviously I am pleased that your CT scan showed no emphysema but I have researched a great amount into the condition and find it difficult to believe that there is no evidence of the disease now. Whatever as happened it is good news for you.

  • I notice on this site Henry that everyone of us are always very positive with the things we do each day to try to combat 'something' to do with our life style, and you are no different, which, if you have made an amazing discovery then fantastic, happy days. Everyone on here can retrace back before they were actually diagnosed to when life was great and tomorrow was just another day. I don't think any of us thought this one out beforehand, otherwise we wouldn't be here. There will I'm sure, be a cure in the future. I live a positive life, it is what it is, we all live, we all die. And at some point we, they, them, will. When, that is the question. I have no fear of death and that keeps me positive. Can I do all everything I used to do? no! But here's the thing. Throughout my life, there have been situations where if 'the big man' had wanted me, he could have taken me at those points. He never did. I am not a religious man by any means, but when my time comes, I'm sure he will shake hands with me then. Those thoughts keep me VERY positive. Love to you all guys!! Love reading your blogs everyday xx

  • Hi Henry. If whatever you did worked for you then wonderful. Looking at your diet I do have to ask do you eat any kind of meat. Very interested. Thanks

  • Thanks I usually take white meat but sometimes beef as well

  • Henry.i am sure that all that contribute to this site would appreciate some sort of response from you by now if only to say thanks but no thanks. ..........regards skis and scruffy cat


  • Henry by now you will have realised that your post has created healthy debate.may we all share and gather knowledge in both your comments and those of the respondents.You will have noticed we are quite a feisty lot and claims and counter claims are generally debated with a sense of good will and humour.Welcome again to the site..................skis and scruffy cat

  • Thanks for your wonderful post

  • You have been turely blessed and its wonderful that you have chosen to share this blessing with others.

    Wonderful turely wonderful.

  • Thank you and I wish health life for you

  • Wow well done but I should imagine they misdiagnosed you the first time x

  • I would say I meant early stages of emphysema is beatable I do not have any clue of other stages like sever and end stages

  • I am not sure what you mean honeymo but there have been no changes to the post/heading.

  • Hello Henry2018 .

    Yesterday a friend called to tell me his mother was totally and inexplicably cured of diabetes. That made think of this post.

    He claimed that this was achieved through healthy diet and exercise. My very first thought was that could hardly be possible. Knowing what I know about diabetes both of which run in my family. I was very sceptical and ready to dispute his arguments. But the truth is I couldn't, not after hearing the happiness and relief in his voice. So, I wished him and his mother continued good health. She was well, and I think that may be all that matters.

    I know for a fact that not many, no in fact only a tiny percentage of people will ever get such good news. However, I am very happy that you are better and wish you continued good health.

    Best wishes.

    Cas xx 💐


  • Certain types of diabetes can be cured through weight loss. Lose the weight; lose the diabetes. Not true in all cases, but there is a definite connection between obesity & diabetes. Now if it were only that simple for emphysema!. Excercise, breathing excercise & certain lifestyle changes are the only remedies we have at the moment. I smoked for 45 yrs. so now I pay for it. When we were young we thought were so “cool” with a cigarette in our face. I wish that I’d never seen a cigarette! Too late now. Fortunately I quit 10 yrs. ago but was diagnosed with COPD & 1-2 stage emphysems 2 yrs.ago. So there we are. Thanks to this site my sanity is saved & I don’t feel angry or depressed; just grateful not to feel alone & helpless. My gratitude to you all for your help with your personal stories,experiences & suggestions.

    We’ll all stay in touch. We’re a very special “club”! Thank you all again.

  • I have mild emphysema. It began as moderate 70% fev 1, it improved to 84% in the first year due to exercise and weight loss. The last test I had earlier this year it had gone down to 80% the nurse was pleased with my results. My fault for taking less exercise and not being so careful with my diet.

    I believe if lifestyle changes are made in the early stages, there can indeed be a dramatic improvement in emphysema. I don’t know about a complete cure though. In Henry’s case, I believe the good climate has a ‘part to play.

    Henry, I wish you well and long May your improved state of health continue. I am glad you were able to have a CT scan. It is not easy to get one here in the UK, unless you have access to private medical care. Our climate changes a lot too which doesn’t help.

  • Thank you I wish a long and healthy life for you as well, some people like to hear the thing that they believe it , if it’s not in their believe they insult it .there was too many insulting posts to my post , thanks admin, they removed it , they like to hear ,we are dying of emphysema , no cure , nothing we can do , emphysema means death sentence , this is the thing they believe and like to hear .. i really beat early stages of emphysema and enjoy it .. I think we can do it and hope for all people in our community to do it it;s hard but doable

  • Well done! What ever has worked for you may not work for others. It is the same with medicines We are all so different. Keep up the regime as it is working for you.

    BE well

  • I hope you get better and get cured a day

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