Shingles vaccine or not with immunosuppressant

I have chronic sarcoidosis in the lungs and am permanently breathless if I move around. I take prednisone and mycophenalate. The mycophenalate switches off my immune system. L had a flu and pneumonia vaccines last week , but they also have me down for needing the shingles one. I thought I wasn't allowed live vaccines. The sarcoidosis nurse said because it is not a strong vaccine, I should have it, but I read on the internet, that ' live vaccines such as shingles and yellow fever' should not be administered.

Any of you been advised to have the shingles vaccine?- or had it with any effects.

Thanks jo

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Morning Jo, all l can say is that Pete has not had a shingles vaccination nor has it been mentioned. He has sarcoidosis and COPD. Hope you can make a decision soon. Xxxx

Both I and some of my friends have been prescribed long term steroids, and we were discussing the shingles vaccine only last week....but there is conflicting information available so we are still undecided.

I had it because I was terrified of getting shingles no reaction at all.

Well having just recovered from shingles,which I wouldn't wish on anyone.It's a no brainer for me. I'd take the jab anytime. I'm led to believe that I need to be 70 to qualify at my GPs.

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