hi everyone, i am fighting off a chest infection at the moment, i have been on antibiotics for the last week but it is not shifting, i am experiencing pain in my left lung area but have been told that your lungs can`t hurt, has anyone else experienced pain in the lung area or do you think it could be muscular ? it only usually happens when i get chest infections which are quite often.

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I also had a chest infection, started with antibiotics (5 days), didn’t work. Went back to the Dr , told him it wasn’t working 2nd dose of antibiotics 7 days ( 1st + 2nd treatment 1 tablet a day). Back to the Dr , 2nd treatment not working. 3rd treatment Antibiotics, 3 tablets a day for 14 days , that worked, jackpot struck. If your treatment is not working back to the Dr or another Dr.which I did. Hope this helps- Good Luck

Snap on 2nd rescue pack grrr

Whenever I have enquired about the pain in the back of my lungs, the side and front, I have been told it is the muscles complaining of overuse, as it is always after a chest infection. I find using my stomach and back heating pad which I bought from Lidl he!ps ease the pain.

If you feel that the infection has not cleared, recommend you see your GP, and take a sputum sample with you, so they can identify which antibiotic is best to clear the infection.

I asked my consultant about the pain that I often get which i can't be sure if it isn't muscular or internal or both. His opinion was that the pleura is probably inflamed which doesn't necessarily give rise to the searing stabbing pain that I also get sometimes but can be a generalised pain over the large pleural surface area. I hope you're soon feeling better xx

Agree with others for you to return to your GP asap. It may well be that your chest infection has progressed to Pleurisy, which would give you intense pain in your affected lung. Otherwise, of course, it may just be muscle pain from coughing BUT better safe than sorry!

All the very best.

Diz xx

Thank you everyone for your advice, i m booked in to see gp on monday.

I am also on abs again seems im never off them ciproflaxin Doesnt seem to have done any good so far. I also get pain starts under left Breast and is more or less constant i hope you get some relief soon Take care

Hello kimmi9 .

A few years ago I had a dreadful infection. And yes it felt like my lungs hurt. I was however coughing an awful lot so the muscles in my chest in general must have been inflamed. So, I don't know for sure that it was my lungs but it certainly felt like it. It also felt very heavy and tight in that region.

That bout took two months to really go away. It was truly disastrous . Please do consult with your doctor if you feel like you aren't getting any better. In the meantime, rest , fluids and good nutrition will help get you through.

I'm so sorry you're going through such a rough time.

Take care.

Cas xx 🌹

Been on three different lots of antibiotics over the last couple of months. Seems to be standard to have a two week course each time for bronch. Have been regularly woken up by discomfort/pain in my lungs but without having been coughing hugely. I guess that my conclusion would be that you can sense lung pain.

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