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Getting worse

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Good eve everyone I hope you are all well ish .. I had a doc appt today she has signed me of work for a month this time instead of just 2 weeks at a time. She had notice on the short walk from waiting room to her room I was sob more then before . I am due to see my rep nurse on the 12 th and my doc said. I am to ask to be sent to see a consultant as they may have to give me oral meds . Now my question is what can a consultant do that my doc and nurse cannot . What is oral meds does she mean oxygen . And should my doc not be sending me rather then me asking rep nurse . Sorry to sound thick but have been worried about this all afternoon.

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Hi Lyn1955. I don't know what oral meds your GP was referring to but one thing I do know is that consultants are the experts in their field whilst GPs know a little about a lot of things. I would always chose to see a consultant who will be keeping up with all the latest developments in respiratory conditions. Please see this as a positive step. I am unsure why she is asking a nurse to refer you though as she could have done it herself.

Lyn, she probably meant IV meds. That's why most of us have to go into hospital - to get IV antibiotics.

The consultant is more qualified and experienced than your GP. Oral meds probably mean inhalers and tablets.

Thank you guys you are all so kind and helpful I am glad I found this sitee. I do live with someone but he does not understand any of this and does not seem to ..I will post when bee to see rep nurse and tell you results

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