But I don't have angina ... The outcome

Saw the GP (finally) today! Showed me all the correspondence, one consultant thinks "might be" one says "NOT angina". Cholesterol is normal, angiogram shows no obstructions or thickening. He agreed that the results are not al all conclusive, he doesn't think it was angina!

I then questioned how I explain all this to my insurers because this would invalidate and future claim .... after a few minutes he decided that the right thing to do is to delete the reference to angina from my records, not take the statins and even cut out the Cetirizine (although not at all connected!)

I still think someone was covering up but at least no harm done and I will live to fight another day!

Thanks for all the original comments - many really helpful ideas!

Have a great day!

(Oh, he did say I need to lose weight which is a bit like saying the Pope is Catholic)

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That was a reasonable result Ynot but why are they leaving you on Statins, even though your cholesterol is normal and the angiogram OK ?

Anyhow, delighted they're removing the references from your records.

Sorry, not very clear - they have dumped the statins thinks they are probably a waste of time (even though the same GP prescribed them!)

Oh good ! Because insurers would immediately pick up on that.

What the heck are they up to, they do one thing one minute then you see someone else then they do something different. I don't understand really, why did they put you on the statins then take you off them. I'm not sure what's going on there. If it's not angina what is it then? Hope you get sorted real soon y not xx

When I was being checked for heart issues I was prescribed statins while waiting for an angiogram as the doctor said they can prevent a heart event, which I believe is the new term for heart attack, so in my case it was strictly precautionary and discontinued once all the test results were back and showed no heart issues.

sounds like all good news to me y-not.g.p's love us on statins cos they are in their bible as good things to have and it shows they are 'managing' our long term health? i think it.s about time insurers saw statins as proof that we are aware of their benefits and doing what we are told to lessen risk of stroke and cardiovascular events but then again 'pigs may fly' good luck in the future.......................statin skis and statin free cat x

I am fortunate to have a sister who recently checked out statins which provided me with data to ask the GP why I would want to take a drug that reduces my risk of heart attack by just 7% yet came with a whole raft of likely bad side effects! He agreed that it didn't make sense!!

Good result. :)

Phew y_not thank goodness that’s all sorted. No more statins......yeah! Take care xxxxx

Statins are scandolously over prescribed with far more nasty side effects than benefits, yet yield billions of £profits for Big Pharma. That's Capitalism for you.

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