Hospital style bed, electric chair, or home comforts with wedge pillow?

I'm about to leave hospital. They tell me I have a few months left. That's all good and well, but I need to sleep in those months!

Lying down causes a rapid collection of mucous in my lungs and one tumor is putting pressure on a major airway. Sitting up, I just where very loudly - oh I hate that sound that never ever stops! My back and neck get really sore very quickly with sitting up. I've also, less than a year ago, had a full femoral transplant (titanium bone from hip to lower shin), which causes pain after to much sitting in one position.

My quandary now is how to sleep at home. Which of the ways in the title work best for you. How and why, and do you have any tips and tricks for actually being able to breathe AND sleep?

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  • Yes, you do need to sleep Corrianne. Did manage to sleep in hospital? I wish I could help and suggest something to make you comfortable. Some one here will be able to offer advise. Hope you sleep tonight. Lilian xxxxxxx

  • I'm still in hospital and and it's murder 'n mayhem in the ward tonight, so not much sleep is happening. I definitely could do with being home either in my armchair or bed. Thanks Lillian! You sleep welll for me :)

  • Hi

    Try a Mattress Elevators

  • Unfortunately, they don't work on my double bed. My OT tried them before after my last surgery. Thanks for the suggestion anyway :)

  • Hope somebody comes up with a suggestion. Did the OT at the hospital recommend anything.

  • Corrianne speak to the hospital discharge team get them to lease with social services and get them to deliver a proper hospital type bed to your home address if you can acommodate the space,complete with pressure relieving mattress it is the least that you deserve...........regards skis with attitude xx

  • I reckon a hospital bed should fit the bill. Then you can lower or higher it when you want. xx

  • Just want to say that hope a solution is forthcoming and soon.

    Sending gentle hugs xxxx

  • I hope that you get a hospital bed through the hospital gut if you have to buy one, or any equipment, remember that you get them vat free because of your condition.

  • I find that if I don't prop myself up, I cough. I have tried most of the wedges, and find that they did not work for me. My Severe Asthma and immunity deficiency vary so much, that what feels ok one day/week, will feel useless the next. If I don't have a chest infection, I am either starting to recover, or coming down with another one. I purchased an adjustable bed from a mobility shop which raises the back, and the legs if I need it. I now get swollen feet and ankles, so I am glad that I went for one of these. I have had to put a memory foam mattress topper on the mattress because the mattress itself I find a bit hard. Memory foam is a bit of a mixed blessing, as I find it can make it difficult to move, but the cradling comfort can be oh so soothing.

    I know that Occupational Health referrals can take a long time, and I needed to find a solution there and then, and to get my own was the quickest. I agree that it is not as good as a hospital bed would be, the slats are made of wood, but it is fine for me. I also use one thin pillow, which often gets thrown off during the night. If I can't sleep in my own bed, then I need 4 pillows. Sometimes I find my memory foam V pillow helps, but not always.

    I hope some of this helps.

  • I invested 2 years ago in an electric bed (hospital bed) and it has been a godsend. I can adjust to sit up as much as I need comfortably (no more struggling with slipping pillows etc. that left me exhausted and usually uncomfortable no matter what I did) and it raises my legs as I have problems with water retention in my lower legs and feet in the day which disappear over night thanks to the bed. I did my research before buying and got my single bed for about £650 with mattress and a 5 year guarantee from HSL (the chair people) who were extremely helpful and came and delivered and set it up for me. They had just opened in my area so I think I had a bit of extra discount but looking on their webpage now think the cheapest would be maybe £750 (with their £500 discount voucher shown on the website). I have seen them advertised at £2,000 or £3,000 which in my view is a rip off and beware the leaflet companies who do not print any prices but offer 'discounts' which they will tell you about when their agent calls round to your house - which usually means they will charge what they think you can afford with the agent getting a nice fat commission - so beware if they cannot put the price on a leaflet upfront (on anything) I would steer clear. Don't forget also to get your VAT excluded (the £650 is with VAT excluded) but that is easily done and also I would say don't bother with a headboard as you will never be just sitting up resting your head against a headboard as you have the raised bed to lean against so you do not need a headboard unless it is just for aesthetic reasons.

  • A few more things the website is and if you could not afford one I think but am not sure you might be able to get a real hospital one through the NHS but you would have to get advice on that - only disadvantage being the NHS ones look like hospital beds whereas the HSL ones look like normal beds while not in use - good luck whatever you decide - let us know how you get on xx

  • The electric chair sounds like a drastic choice to me. I really hope things aren't so bad as to make this your choice.

  • So sorry but don't listen to them about a year. We were told one year as well but got a lot more.

    An o.t suggested getting a hospital bed table, so you can sit up but rest yourself forward on the table. or even sitting up on chair or side of bed.

    Hope this helps and you manage some rest.

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