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24 hour oxygen use

Hi all pam here wife of ken COPD sufferer for 8 years this year his health has severely declined and he is now on oxygen all the time. He has been hospitalized twice Feb and April with serious asserbations his oxygen levels were very low 71 so he was pit on oxygen all the time and 2 of his inhalers changed. He used to be able to look after me as I am disabled go out shopping without any problems now like me he can't drive go out without a wheelchair as he can't walk or do anything for himself. We don't get any answers from the nurses who occasionally come to take blood and check him over we just get ok see you soon and they have gone. We can't find out how serious his COPD is or if this will be how he will be for the rest of his life. Does Anyone out there suffer the same blank wall we have. We don't even know what level he is as no one has ever told us in the 8 years he has had it I have his symptoms thst he was 8 yrs ago to a nurse friend and she told us level 2 we can't ask her advice as she has since passed away. Can anyone help us. Thank you for reading my post. Pam

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Hi Harris, Unfortunately I do not have the time to give you the detailed response that you so need, but you do need help and now. I can hardly believe that with all you have been through you are still not under a consultant Respiratory doctor and chest clinic. Get your doctor to refer you immediately to a specialist clinic as you need expert care. From what you have said I doubt your husband is Stage 2 , but you need proper spirometry testing , and I also think you both now need Social care help .

First step will be your own GP let him know about how you are struggling, ask him for a referral for you husband, and also ask about social care . I'm sure others will be along with lots more helpful suggestions

You need help Harris, make sure that you both get help

Love Sohara


the reply you got from Sohara just about says it all..i can only repeat the same things... life shouldnt be like that for you. xx


Yet again terrible treatment for a lung condition ,I think you will find that a lot of people like your husband have the same nightmare things need to change xx


Thank you all so much for your replies today we have received 2 letters in the post one for him to see a special and the other for him to have spirometry tests done we are both so relieved that something is finally happening that should give is the answers we need the Appt is not till November but at least we can see something is finally happening. So thanks again for your advice I have rang about social care as well and they are coming next week to assess how much help we need. I'm so grateful to you all its the best thing I did joining this page. Pam x


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