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Hi everyone as a newbie my question is with COPD, with which I was diagnosed 2 years ago. Does anyone take a maintenance dose of Prednisolone, I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters and seven of us have COPD and none of them smoked, only me who gave up 5 years ago after smoking for over 40 years. I found that when I had an attack I was taking a dose of 6 X 5mg tablets and antibiotics which worked for about a month and the another bout would happen again beginning another vicious circle. I was given some Anora Ellipta which i tried for a week but made matters worse. Thanks in reply.

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Welcome muncher. I have copd but don't take prednisalone as a maintenance maybe somone can help you out big family like I'm the youngest of 14 xx

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I don't use Prednisolone but many on here do. While you are waiting for replies do try using the search box (top right) to look at other posts. Welcome to the forum. @)

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I have an emergency supply of prednisone and amoxicillin for use if I have an exacerbation. The dose I take is two tablets of prednisone for five days along with three amoxicillin tablets daily for five days.


I used to take 6 preds and 3 amoxy for 7 days, but today after seeing the nurse i am on a pink inhaler to see how I'm getting on.


Hi Muncher, In answer to your question, I am on a maintenance dose of Prednisolone.

I currently take 10mg a day plus other tablets and Inhalers. Previous to that my situation was similar to yours. Starts with shortness of breath, then producing excessive amounts of very sticky mucus. start taking 30mg Prednisolone for 7 days, and all is well for about 14 days, then we start the ritual all over again.

This was going on for about a year, and I was ordering 42 Prednisolone tablets every month on my repeat prescriptions (no one at my GP surgery picked up on this !)

It was by luck that I had a home visit from my local COPD Team Nurse who did pick up on this, and she diagnosed me with a non infectious exacerbation. To cut a long story short, I had a phone call from that Nurse a few days later, and she advised me that she had been in a meeting with my consultant (who I had not seen since 2014) that it had been agreed to start me on a maintenance dose of 10mg Prednisolone daily. So far all has been well apart from the odd chest infection when I need to use my rescue pack.

Hope this helps

Best wishes



Welcome muncher ๐Ÿ˜‰

If I getting problems I take 7 prednisolone and 2 a day and an antibiotic for about 5-7 days, if I feel to get better after 3 days I start to drop the prednisolone. I never took it over a long time and it works for me, as well use my inhalers. I hope that you are getting help and speak to your GP to getting better!! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


Hi, hope you are feeling well at the moment. Similar to you, I had yoyo effect of steroids and was not until I was in A&E on one occasion that this was explained to me and the benefits of weaning off slowly from high dosage and taking a maintenance smaller dose. I did a little bit of research into side effects and discussed some issues with GP and COPD team and had a bone density scan which revealed osteoporosis (which may of course had nothing to do with steroids). Worth discussing risks with them and any possibility of reducing the dose further. Wish you the very best of luck and love xxx


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