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New to Lyme

Hello all!

Im new here and also new to Lyme disease, which is a nasty beggar if you havent had it, and just wanted to see if anyone can relate. I take Doxycycline x 2 100mg tablets and it is the worst feeling ever. I also have Raynauds as well as CFS and I find that this medicine intensifies everything, especially if Im "Herxing". Anyway, thats a little about me. I have constant brain fog, tinnitus in both ears, depersonalization/derealization on top of all of these other symptoms and its a bit overwhelming. Can anyone relate to this?

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A horrible affliction and wasting disease,My son caught it in Germany when he was bitten by a tick and as a consequence he had meningitis which took him a good year to get over.I think you have posted to the wrong forum my friend as we are all sufferers of lung diseases,,,,,regards skis


Welcome and good luck with reply’s


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